Ways to Conceive a Baby Boy – The Secret is Out!

So, you and your husband want a baby boy this time. Maybe, it’s the first baby you will have and both considered to have a boy. Then, be the guest of this post as it concentrates on how to conceive a baby boy.

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According to doctors and specialists, there are a few ways to have a baby which couples can consider if they are willing to choose the gender of their child. It basically involves the sorting of sperm and implantation of a fertilized egg. This post will not discuss the technical process associated with it but a more simplified explanation for you to easily understand and cope with what to do. You just have to relax and find out various natural ways on how to have a baby boy.

The Perfect Timing

Sperm cells are categorized into two: X and Y sperm in which X refers to female, while Y is for male. Biologically speaking, a Y or male sperm cell cannot survive for a very long time. So, you need to conceive as close to the time that the cell is still kicking. Right the day of your ovulation, start making love with your partner so the Y sperm cell has a better chance of reaching the egg. It is important to have the right and if possible the perfect timing to conceive a baby boy. If you are not sure the period of your ovulation, use an ovulation calculator that assists you the most possible time for you to release your egg.

The pH Level

Chasing the right time is only one path to conceive a baby boy. Another way to most likely have a boy has something to do with the vaginal pH. This plays a great role in the sperm’s gender to reach the egg. Women need to neutralize their pH level which means less acid and more alkaline level. To check your pH level, use PH strips which are bought in any local stores, including drug stores. This provides you what you need to do with your pH level. It is to either maintain or improve it. If you need to make an improvement, that is solved by easily eating specific foods and drinking the right beverages.

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The Right Sexual Position

During sexual intercourse, it is essential to know the right positions that can help you to conceive a baby boy. This is also a natural method to conceive a baby whose gender is male. If your goal is to have a baby boy, the sperm has to fall down straight to the cervix as necessary as possible. With this method, you can help the sperm cell to travel in a shorter distance which makes it easier to reach the egg on time. In other words, a missionary position is most referred if you like to have a baby boy.

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Regardless of the reasons, a baby boy is just a wonderful gift to have. He is going to carry the father’s last name which is sometimes very important for most parents. They need to make sure the legacy of the name continues upon their children. Others just prefer to have a baby boy because it’s their personal choice. Whichever you and your partner have to say, the natural methods on how to conceive a baby are the things you surely want to keep in mind all the time. However, there is no guarantee that you may 100% have a baby boy. So, in case you fail, do not be disappointed because a baby girl is still a precious child to cherish. Just do the right things that can help you make good, loving and caring parents. Nevertheless, you make sure to consult your doctor first before doing other things that you are not certain of.

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