Diet for Pregnant Women – 4 Classes of Foods

Let me first congratulate you for having that beautiful bump hanging on your belly! It does feel good to have a baby, doesn’t it? You know exactly how big your obligation is when you are carrying another life aside from yours. You have to ensure you are giving the right nourishment to your baby. That being said, let’s talk about the diet a pregnant woman has to take that assures the health and development of her baby.

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Most people say that pregnant women should eat very often which is basically true. However, it is not about the amount of food that matters but the right kind of foods. Eating more is actually not enough or not the key of the baby’s health because the nutrients he or she needs have to be taken from the kind of food you consume. This is the factor that can greatly depend on the health of the baby as well as the mother’s.

Doctors recommend pregnant women to consume 300 extra calories a day. You ask your doctor and he or she will likely agree. This is to ensure that the baby on your womb is developing naturally and healthily. So, deal with nutritious food and avoid those that are high in calories and rich in fat. That is one way to help your baby grows naturally and develops healthily.

Lots of women are wondering why they are gaining extra weight during pregnancy. Did that cross to your mind too? This is not something to be scared about because some mothers are not just consistent with their diet during pregnancy. Now that we are discussing this it is possible for you to stay away from getting fat. You can still maintain your nice figure even if you are pregnant and after you have delivered a baby.

Consuming four to six meals in small amount everyday is much better than eating a large meal. To help you stay fit and healthy during pregnant while you provide support to your baby in your womb, select the four basic healthy food groups. These following foods must be included on your pregnancy diet.

1. Fruits and Vegetables

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Fruits and vegetables are obviously good for pregnant women and to her baby. They, including you, should eat at least four servings of fruits and three servings of veggies every day. If you want to eat uncooked foods or raw veggies, make sure that they are washed thoroughly. It is important to have them cleaned before munching on them. Fruits are easily eaten because you do not need to cook them. Just peel and slice or sometimes eat it as is but ensure they are well cleaned.

2. Whole Grain and Wheat

Whole grain or enriched bread, oats and cereals are also recommended to be taken by pregnant women. You have to eat six to nine servings of daily wheat and whole grain products such as pasta, bread and rice. For example a half cup of cooked rice or two to three slices of bread is enough to take in as your daily consumption of this particular food product.

3. Dairy Products

Do not forget just how essential dairy products are too.  They are also important to consume by pregnant women. It means this should be listed on your daily diet plan. Dairy products include eggs, milk, and cheese that can give enough calcium to your baby. This is one important nutrient that every baby has to absorb for his or her development, growth and strength. Furthermore, pregnant women are suggested to consume non-fat or low-fat milk. This is to help lessen their fat intake. For cheese, avoid those that are made from unpasteurized milk.

4. Protein-Rich Foods

Experts also recommend consuming at least 60 grams of protein every single day. That means you divide 60 grams into three or four and that’s the amount of protein you have to take daily. Foods that are rich in protein include fish, poultry without skin and cooked lean meat. Note, other fish may contain methyl mercury which is a chemical that is very harmful to your unborn baby. It’s better if you consult your GP or nutritionist about what kind of fish is good for you and your baby.

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Consuming healthy foods during pregnancy is what the diet is all about. It is very important for every pregnant woman like you to maintain her good health. This does not only protect your fitness and body shape but also your unborn baby’s good health. Always consider the advice of your doctor, nutritionist or other food expert that you personally consult with. Sometimes, you are also given vitamins and food supplements. Whichever is best for you according to your doctor’s prescription, do not hesitate to go for it. They are helpful in a way that you won’t get excess fat and calories while you stay healthy and fit for your baby’s sake. For More Information and Tips about Diet for Pregnant Women, Just Visit our website by Clicking Here.


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