10 Famous, Friendly Cartoon Shows Children Can Watch

I have kids on my own and the kind of cartoon shows aired on TVs these days are not completely friendly and innocent at all. There have been themes that involve violence, nudity or sex, lying, crimes, and other stuff that children should never learn. So, for mothers who are also trying to determine which cartoon shows are safe to watch by kids, here is a list of some of the best and kid-friendly shows. Note: These are a combination of series and movies, both old and new, in random numbers.

1. The Simpsons

This has been an epitome of what should have been an American family. It is a show that is centered on family ties, love, and friendliness. It also mocks different aspects of the US society and culture. But kids can learn from the famous characters, which are Homer, Margie, and their children Bart, Lisa, and Maggie.

Duck TalesImage Source: deviantart

2. Duck Tales

This is a show back in the 80s but kids these days can still see them. If you find a copy of DVDs or downloadable on the Internet, there is a chance for them to see it. This show can be a good classic cartoon to watch by little boys and kids. They can learn about US history, mythology, geography, and some moral lessons, such as kindness and optimism.

3. Dora the Explorer

Many children, especially girls, are familiar with Dora. They see her on bag packs, notebooks, and toys. Who can forget a cute girl with short hair and rocking bangs? Almost every little girls these days now want to be like Dora. Well, this show is very adventurous that can entertain kids regarding traveling, facing challenges, and beating obstacles.

Maya and MiguelImage Source: frompo

4. Maya and Miguel

Kids can learn some Spanish words when watching the show of Maya and Miguel. It is also entertaining because of its humor. If you have two or more kids, they need to watch this together. The characters are twins and any siblings can relate to them.

5. Arthur

Another cartoon show that can emphasize the love between brothers and sisters is Arthur. This show is actually centered around the relationship of the main character and his sisters. Other than that, kids can find it a fun show to watch just of the fact that most of the episodes are related to real life situations.

6. The Powerpuff Girls

A famous group of girls named Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup that saves the community against evil acts is what The Powerpuff Girls is about. My girls love this show because it’s girly and just fun to watch, I admit it even by myself. They can learn some things that they should do and not do in terms of treating other people.

7. Justice League

Another group of good people that fight the bad is the Justice League. All of the favorite cartoon superheroes of most children these days are here! Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, The Flash, and Wonder Woman are a few to name. It can a little violent because there are lots of fighting, but at the end of the day it is always the good guys that win.

8. Green Lantern: The Animated Series

On a separate show, Green Lantern does not need other superheroes to overcome evil. This show is concentrated on the power of Green Lantern. Like other superheroes show, kids can distinguish which is right and wrong.

Robot and MonsterImage Source: 4elementsmusic

9. Robot and Monster

This is a comedy show that makes kids enjoy several minutes laughing and just enjoying what the robot and monster do. It is a great way for kids to overcome being scared of monsters and let them know there are really good things out there.

10. Monsters, Inc.

This is a movie about a girl named Boo who meets ogres. It is also a kid friendly show to watch despite its title, because the monsters are actually friendly and good here. Both boys and girls can find this fascinating and entertaining.

Even if they are just watching, make sure your kids can learn from the show. Whether it is animated series or a film, cartoon shows should depict good traits and morals.


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