How to Plan a Fun Baby Shower Party

The long wait is almost over – you are going to have a baby soon! As excitement and happiness increase, you have a very special event to prepare.Your baby shower needs to be exciting as well. To make sure that happens, here are some quick tips to do.

1. Set the Budget

The very first thing you come up with is the finances. You cannot really start planning without finalizing this matter. The party does not have to be costly. It must be simple but memorable. So, do not try so hard to spend a large sum of money.

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2. Pick a Date and Time

Choose a date where all of your guests can come. It must be a day where everybody does not work. Perhaps, the time is where you really need to be careful. Ensure it is a date that is a few weeks only before your due date.

3. Make a Guest List

You can then begin writing down names of guests you want to invite. You know who deserve to be there on that special day. Make sure that you do not miss anyone to avoid hurting their feelings. In most cases, this is a party for women. However, you need your husband to be there as well.

4. Select the Location

There are many options for the venue of the party. It may be in a local restaurant, a private garden, or in your home. It really does not matter where as long as you can decorate it and everybody can find comfort. Just choose a place where you and all of your guests can have fun and relaxed.

5. Create Invitations

This can be a DIY task to make the invitation look more original. You can personalize it with the way you want it based on the theme you choose. The letterings must be clear and readable. There has to be at least one photo of you and your belly included. After the cards are all completed, do not delay to distribute to each and every guest. The names of the recipients must be printed or written on the envelope in large, clear prints.

6. Complete the Menu

This can be started planning a month or 2 weeks away from the baby shower date. It means you have plenty of time to think of what foods and drinks to serve. If you do not have any idea or cannot finalize anything, get some help from your guests. You can ask them what they recommend or want to have during the party. Besides, the foods are more to entertain and satisfy them.

7. Choose Party Favors

Give some tokens to your guests before you end the party. It is a simple way to say thank you to them and for supporting you and your family. This can be a hand bag of chocolates and cookies, a basket of fruits, a pack of beauty products, or a figurine of a baby.

8. Plan the Decoration

Weeks before the party, you must have already chosen what the venue will look like. This is represented by decors and stuff. The things you use to decorate the entire place must be appropriate and ideal to the theme. This makes the party more beautiful and memorable, so do not take it very slightly.

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9. Prepare a Program

This party is not just about chitchatting and eating with your loved ones and friends. Make it more meaningful and fun by having a variety of activities. You can assign someone to conduct a few games, and another one to set a presentation, such as in the form of a song, dance, or acting. Usually, a baby shower should take an hour to 3 hours.

10. Find Time to Relax

The reason why you must plan a baby shower party ahead of time is to be able to relax afterwards. You are not advised to worry too much. Remember you are carrying your unborn child. So, after things are completed and planned, ensure to have the time to just relax and enjoy your moment with your husband and baby. That way you are all ready and energized to see your guests at the party.


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