How to Conceive a Baby Boy

Many couples have their own picks of gender of their baby when they are planning to bear a child. Most women prefer having a baby girl so they can dress them up that fashionable way they want, while majority of men like to have a boy so they can play sports together or become a successor of their business and legacy.

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Other women like to have a boy or men want a girl. The choice of the gender of baby depends on personal interest and circumstances. If you are among the parents who prefer to have a baby boy this time, you are probably interested to know some ways on how to increase the chance of having a baby boy. Here are some secrets that can help you conceive a baby boy.

Consider the Right Diet

Some research says that woman who consumes about 2, 000 calories or more every day without skipping breakfast has a big chance of conceiving a bay boy. This information does not end here because the kind of diet to take must be healthy and proper. You also need to increase your alkaline level by consuming more foods that are rich in alkalinity. That also means you avoid acid foods or lessen your intake of foods that are high in acid. Generally, the diet for pregnancy is about eating more vegetables and fruits as they contain rich vitamins and minerals which are needed by a pregnant woman to pass to her baby in the womb.

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Right Time to Conceive

It is also important to have an idea of the time to conceive. If you want to conceive a baby boy, the right date and time of ovulation is a must to consider. Note that a male sperm doesn’t live a longer time, while a female sperm is much stronger to live for some time. That means that a woman must know her peak of ovulation and that’s when she would have sexual intercourse. During ovulation, it is likely to conceive because of the release of egg so that provides a big chance for the male sperm to reach the egg.

Have the Right Sex Position

It is important to have the right position when you and your partner are making love. It helps the male sperm to be more aggressive in reaching the egg. One of the best positions that you and your partner should do to conceive a baby boy is rear entry. This means the woman should lie on her stomach with her knees in sitting position.

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If the woman doesn’t like this position, there is one alternative and that is to sit up with her knees bent on the edge of the bed. She must bend and hold her knees to allow appropriate and better penetration. It is also important that a woman has to follow the bend of a bow and lie down on a pillow for deep penetration. You can consult your doctor or anyone expert regarding this matter. To get step by step guidelines and suggestion , Just Check Out This website.


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