How to Conceive a Boy – Know You Have a Baby Boy Even Before Getting Pregnant!

Are you interested to learn the secrets on how to conceive a boy? Do you prefer having a baby boy than a girl this time? Have you been longing to have a baby boy?

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Whether you are wishing for a boy as your first newborn baby, second baby, third or the final kid among children, this article is the right article to read. The paragraphs are somewhat sensitive and not suitable to young readers. Before you continue reading this, ensure that you and your partner are the only ones who can read and plan regarding conception. Nevertheless, pay attention to the details and tips listed down below if you like to have a boy in the family.

Most couples have their own preferences of how many children to have and what gender of babies they prefer. Some prefer to have only a few kids like two to three. Others think it’s best to have four or more because a large family is merrier. These are common things to think about because a family is something to be treasured and cherished for a lifetime. A lot of individuals have the plan to build a family with kids. In the case of a baby gender selection, that’s another story to tell and issue to consider. Since the headline or title is about having a baby boy in particular, this article concentrates on how to conceive a boy. Yes, you will learn the secrets on how you can have a better chance of having a boy as you prepare for conception and pregnancy.

First of all, you need to learn or review about chromosomes and sperms. Chromosomes are the scientific term that indicates the gender of a baby conceived. These are carried by the sperms that are produced by a male person. The X-chromosome refers to a girl, while the Y-chromosome is a boy. The boy-producing sperm which carries Y-chromosomes moves or swims fast, but lives shorter than a girl-producing sperm. To conceive a baby boy, the Y sperm must reach the egg faster than the X sperm and as soon as possible before it dies. That is actually the best scientific explanation in conceiving a boy.

The question how to have a boy still remains unanswered. Well, there are different methods that can guarantee you to have a baby boy. Each different is related to one another so following all of them won’t make any problem. As a matter of fact, there is more chance that you get to conceive with your desired gender of a baby if you follow them all. One thing to clarify is that you have the option to follow one, two or more of the choices. This obviously depends on what you and your partner prefer to do. Let’s discuss each of them in brief and simple details for you to easily understand how this works.

1. Sexual Intercourse – From Position to Timing

Generally, in terms of baby gender selection, intercourse between a male and female is always involved. You cannot just conceive without having sex unless you are single who wants to have a baby in which sperms donated by someone are inserted into your cervix. Going back to the discussion, there is a need to be aware of the right time, position and method to make love. To answer how to conceive a boy, intercourse must be done a day or within the day of the ovulation period of a woman. This gives a much easier way for Y sperms to enter the egg. For the position, a couple has to go for a deep and fast penetration so the male partner releases sperms that can quickly reach the cervix of his female partner. Others even suggest a more specific way on how to do that. That is to follow a certain sex position which includes missionary position and doggy style as these two methods require deep penetration.

2. The Right Healthy Diet – More Alkaline pH Level

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Another method in regards to conceiving a boy is to follow a certain diet. This diet is called as alkaline diet in which a woman or a mother has to eat foods that have high levels of alkaline. In a simpler explanation, the foods to eat and beverages to drink must have high alkaline pH level. Basically, people consume acid and alkaline in the body but in this diet it suggests that alkaline is higher than acid. It normally refers to foods that are rich in potassium and sodium and low in fats. This kind of diet must be consumed by a woman before she is conceived and during her pregnancy stage particularly the early months. Alkaline in the body of a woman tends to form a baby boy more than a girl. This is a natural, safe and cheap method on how to conceive a boy. There is nothing to lose when you follow this diet since many of the alkaline producing foods are served daily from breakfast to lunch and snack to dinner.

3. Shettle’s Method – Make Love During Ovulation

It’s mentioned in method one that timing plays a big role in helping form the gender of a baby for conception. That’s true as proven by Landurm B. Shettles. He’s the one who conceptualized and introduced the Shettle’s Method. This is about having sexual intercourse at the right or a more accurate time. If you are more onto how to conceive a boy, you must make love within 12 hours before and after ovulation. This gives the male-producing sperm a better chance of reaching the egg of a woman. Thus, a baby boy is likely to be conceived in the womb.

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These three methods are recommended by people including experts and those who have experiences bearing children with specific preference to gender of their babies. You can follow one or all of these three suggested methods in order to make your dream of having a baby boy come true. Be sure that you do not jeopardize your health before conception and during pregnancy because health is still an important matter to take into consideration. The ultimate goal of every pregnant mother together with her husband or partner is to deliver a normal, healthy baby.

The choice of conceiving a baby boy depends on how you follow the methods suggested. It requires a careful and decisive thinking to avoid having any regrets or remorse. For more assistance, advice and tips, take time to visit Plan My Baby as this site offers free healthy pregnancy guide, and books related on how to conceive a boy and so much more. You can get more guidance on how to make your selection of a baby gender more successful. Remember it is much better to have some ideas before doing anything else to be able to have a good and happy result at the end of this.



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