12 Items Essential to Use for Babies

First time or soon-to-be mothers are not about buying things for themselves, at least the first phase of having a baby, but having stuff they can use for their own children. You prioritize the most important things that your baby will need. Here is a list of 12 essential items that you need to collect before your baby arrives.

1. Clothes

Baby clothes are very essential to use for newborn. You buy as many as you can beforehand. However, the difficult part of this is the gender and size. If you still are not sure of your baby’s gender, it is best that you only start buying when you already know. If in case you know the gender, just choose the size. It is better that you select clothes that are good for various sizes. Buy some clothes for 0 month, 3 months, and then other for 5 months, 6 months, and so forth and so on. Remember that a baby grows faster in size within the first 2 years. The clothes for 0 to 3 months can be only used for a very short period of time.

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In shopping baby clothes, there are many factors to keep in mind. First of all, think of the best fabric that makes your baby feel comfortable. It must be soft, loose, and breathable. It also needs to be made of high quality material so it is durable to use.

Secondly, you must buy clothes in various types. There are times where they need to wear shirt, sleeveless shirt, shorts, pajamas, leggings, and of course, underwear. There are also wardrobe for going out to help your baby keep protected from the heat and UV ray of the sun or cold temperature. That said, you have to get some clothes as outer layers, too.

Safety must always come in mind when buying clothes as well. Some clothes are designed with beads, buttons, zippers, ribbons, strings, and other things that may be dangerous to your baby. This age is all about putting anything in the mouth. You do not want your own infant to get choked by the décor of his or her clothes. So, as much as possible, just get clothes without dangling at all.

2. Socks, Mittens, and Hats

The hands and feet of your newborn must be also protected at most times. If it is cold, these are the body parts that are mostly fragile. You have to cover the hands with mittens and feet with socks. When going out, the head also needs to be covered with a hat. This is to protect your baby from the heat or cold. Like clothes, have as many pairs of socks and mittens, as well as hats and beanies.

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3. Shoes and Booties

Booties are the normal footwear for newborn babies. This is usually worn when a mother and her baby go out of the house. It can be put on with or without clothes. Depending on the gender of your baby, booties come in different styles, colors, and sizes. Choose several pairs with thick fabric used so they can be useful for a longer time.

You can also get hard soled shoes for your baby, especially if he or she is already starting to try walking. This footwear is not frequently used during the first 12 to 15 months, but can be very handy for outdoors.

Both booties and shoes have to be bought based on the size of your baby’s feet. When buying, it is best that you know the size of your baby. If you cannot bring your child, what you do is to draw and trace one of his or her feet on a cardboard that you can cut and use it as a basis in finding the right size of shoes and booties. And when you buy, make sure it is a bit larger than the size you make out of your baby’s foot.

4. Diapers and Baby Wipes

Diapers are also necessary to use for infants. They can be disposable or cloths. A disposable diaper is not expensive at all, but you need to buy as many as you can, which can make you spend a large amount of money in the long run. In contrast, a cloth or reusable diaper is more economical. You do not have to throw and buy new ones, unless they are damaged and already old. You can absolutely save more money with reusable diapers.

When buying diapers, you make sure to get other necessary items in changing and cleaning your baby. These include baby wipes, powder, washcloth, and changing pad. You can have an easier and more comfortable time changing the diaper of your baby and washing if you have the complete tools.

5. Stroller

Sometimes, it is fun and necessary to bring your baby out. They also need some sunshine and fresh air. But carrying them for the whole time can make you exhausted. So, have a stroller that you can use to walk down in the park.

Strollers should be bought like an investment. It means you check the materials if they are quality and highly durable. It also has enough storage for other stuff you can bring. A good stroller must not only have storage, but also adjustable seat, hood or shade, and sturdy wheels. You have to ensure your baby is safe when riding on a stroller.

Baby CarrierImage Source: amazon

6. Baby Carrier and Car Seat

A carrier is also an important item to have. You may want to feel close and still hold your baby when going out. But to make you comfortable a bit, this tool is just what you need. Likewise, choose a baby carrier that has enough straps and harnesses that are thick and of high quality to ensure its sturdiness. Check the material or fabric also if it is safe for your baby’s health. It must be made of soft material and not rough to avoid suffocation and injury.

For the car seat, this is necessary when you put your baby in your vehicle. You must check the guideline required in your local area in terms of baby car seat.

7. Breast Pump, Bottles, and Milk

Baby food is important, but 12 months and below are the ages wherein you can only feed them with milk. It is best that you breastfeed your baby. The essential nutrients your baby needs must be given through your breasts’ milk. In this case, you have to breastfeed your baby regularly, especially during the first 6 months. If it gets tiring for you or lack of enough time, you need a good breast pump. Use one that you can pump to get milk and transfer into a bottle.

Speaking of bottles, have as many as you want. Your baby has to use different milk bottles depending on the amount of milk needed and place. In addition, use bottles that are labeled or marked with BPA-free and phthalate-free. This is to ensure the materials used in bottles are not hazardous.

8. Bags

Large bags are also essential to have when you have a baby. This is the accessory you need to go out with your child. It is where you can put all the stuff your baby needs, which include clothes, bottles, milk, and diapers. Choose a bag that is intended for mothers that carry their babies. This means there must be enough pockets and storage room.

9. Bowls and Spoons

The use of a bowl and spoon is more apparent when a baby can already be fed with other soft foods other than milk. Oats, cereals, and baby foods bought in the grocery store are the things you feed to your baby when using a bowl. You may need this after 6 months or so. Like in buying bottles, choose bowls and spoons that are BPA and phthalate free.

10. Bibs

Babies tend to salivate at most times. To avoid staining their clothes and yours, tie a bib around their neck. This is also used when you feed your child with milk or baby food. That means you also need several bibs that you can use both indoor and outdoor. Be sure that the fabric is soft and smooth. Do not use something that is quite rough, because at most occasions, you are going to wipe your baby’s mouth with a bib.

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11. Beddings, Crib, and Mattress

Another important item to buy for your baby is the bed. It is commonly called as the crib, which composes of mattress, sheet, blanket, and pillows. This is the furniture necessary to get for your baby. It must be made of quality and durable materials. You want your baby to sleep good, comfortably, and safe at all times. So, check all the details when buying crib. This also applies in selecting pillows, mattresses, blankets, and bed sheets.

12. Baby Monitor

Lastly but not the least, a baby monitor is something to include on your list. Your child has his or her own nursery room, but you want to check whenever you can. Yet, you do not want to keep going to the room every hour at night. This is a good security system to protect and monitor your baby.


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