Conceiving the Conception – The Best Way to Get Pregnant

A child is a beautiful and much anticipated gift in the life of any young couple.  Indeed, many husbands and wives find – as happy, blissful and content as they are with themselves and one another – a baby is the adorable missing link that makes their family unit complete.  And that is why today’s busy couples are in search of the best way to get pregnant.

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An infant is a beautiful and ongoing source of joy and contentment for any family; a constant object of love and pride for its beaming parents.  And this tiny bundle of joy can grow to become a viable, productive and actively participating part of any family.  It’s little wonder that so many couples harbor a burning desire to have a child.

They just need to make sure, however, that desire does not morph into desperation; not to mention the poor decisions that can result from desperate feelings.  Some couples plunge into parenthood before they are emotionally, intellectually or financially prepared.  And some women might set about trying to get pregnant before they are physically ready to undergo what can be a trying and exhausting experience.

So before trying to get pregnant, a couple first needs to determine their immediate suitability for parenthood.  Is she healthy enough to carry a child?  Are they mature, prepared and educated enough to be strong and nurturing parents; people who can give their child a strong foundation for life?  And can they afford to give that child a good home?

If the answer is yes to all of these questions, then the couple can seek out and learn about the very best methods to get pregnant fast; the first of which builds upon the idea that a healthy pregnancy is a sound one.

Before any attempts at conception are made, both the husband and wife should undergo thorough physical examinations to ensure their health.  The prospective mother, furthermore, should receive a professionally validated assurance from her physician; not only of her general health, but of the stability and sustainability of her reproductive system.  Factors such as her medical history, her age, and her current health status all will play vital roles in determining her suitability for motherhood.

The sad fact is that some couples may be unable to conceive.  This certainly does not mean that they are not man or woman enough to produce children, but that they may have a genetic defect, history of illness, or other aggravating factor that just makes it very difficult for them to do so.

For today’s prospective parents, however, a number of options are available to help them along the sometimes complicated path to paternity.  These include everything from innovative medical procedures such as fertility treatments to the time honored societal practice of adoption.  It could be that a single pill or shot, or more realistically a series of either or both, could correct the predominating problem; clearing the way for a successful pregnancy.

For those couples fortunate enough to conceive on their own, they should do their best to maintain their optimum level of health.  After all, the mother has to remain vibrant and strong in order to sustain a successful pregnancy – and certainly to give birth.

The man has to be equally hearty in order to contribute healthful sperm and genes to the pregnancy equation.  He also has to be strong enough to see his wife through what is sure to be a trying nine months.

And of course, both partners must be physically and emotionally prepared for the joyful whirlwind that comes with the birth of a child.  The first months of a baby’s life are magical and exhausting, thoroughly challenging and completely unforgettable in equal measure.  Mom and Dad need to be prepared for what is sure to be a wild ride!

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Ah, but we are getting a bit ahead of ourselves aren’t we?  What we need to concern ourselves with here is the best, fastest, healthiest and most efficient way to get pregnant.  For a healthful woman the process is not as difficult as it sounds; and as with most things in life, education is the key.

Consulting both her physician and top quality literary and online resources, the mother must determine a surefire pregnancy strategy; one that will result in the birth of a healthy, bouncing infant.  She must learn a whole new way to eat (cutting out all junk food, save what must be consumed to satisfy those pesky pregnancy urges – pickles and ice cream, anyone?), to exercise, to abstain from hurtful habits (women who are either pregnant or trying to get that way should abstain from cigarettes and alcohol at all times), and to sleep.  A well-rested woman will be more primed for the process of conception, and will be better able to cope with the trials of the pregnancy that ensues.

Next it is time to work out the finer details of successful conception.  Scientists and physicians have determined that certain conditions are recommended to facilitate the creation of a child.  Certain days of a woman’s monthly cycle are perfect for conception, as are certain times of day.  It may even help to gauge the mother’s vital signs, as her body temperature could be indicative of her readiness to conceive.

At the end of the day – most literally – the couple who wants to become pregnant should remember that they are lovers first.  When the husband and wife approach the process of conception, they are walking into their bedroom, not a clinic.

Approaching the situation with an overabundance of stress and trepidation is sure to ruin the mood; and in order to make a baby, a couple has to make love first.  So they need to approach the evening of their intended conception as a romantic encounter, not a lab experiment.  Ultimately, the couple needs to relax and enjoy each other; in that way their child will be a true product of their love.

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