How to Conceive a Girl

A child is a priceless treasure; a divine addition to any family, one who will be loved, cherished, and sometimes spoiled outright.  And in the eyes of most parents, any child is cause for celebration.  Every offspring is golden.

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Most parents could care less about the gender of their child.  As long as the baby is healthy, happy and mentally functional, they have no concerns as to whether the child is a boy or a girl.  Especially in this age of equality, modern mom and dads are aware of the fact that all of their children, be they sons or daughters, will have equitable opportunity to set the world on fire; to live their dreams and achieve their goals.

At the same time, certain instances arise in which a couple might prefer to birth a child of the fairer (though definitely not weaker) sex.  And as a result they develop an intense interest in the topic of baby gender selection. Why?  Well that answer will depend greatly on the parents, their history, their beliefs, and in the current state of their family.  Regardless of the reason behind their desire to have a daughter, they no doubt would benefit from some reliable, safe and surefire strategies that will tell them How to Conceive a Girl.

Parents have a multitude of reasons for wanting to create a female child.  Perhaps the mother always has dreamed of giving birth to her own best friend; a girl who she could inspire to have a brilliant career and make a difference in the world, while also dressing her up in lace and frills, taking her to dance class, etc.  In other cases a family already boasts a passel of sons, and they are more than ready to enhance their ranks with a female member.  Or perhaps the couple is working on their first child, and they have heard about the many joys associated with having a little girl; or, just as important, they have heard potentially frightening tales of how very rowdy and downright cantankerous little boys can be on rare but memorable occasions.:)

In still other cases, some mothers are particularly anxious to design their child’s nursery in a pretty, feminine manner; adorning the walls with rose print paper, laying sweet powder pink carpeting on the floor, and filling her crib with lace trimmed pillows and lovely Victorian dolls.

Parents in these situations need to do some serious research into the issue of how to have a baby girl.  It is not something that they can leave to chance, as the outcome of the conception process is all too important to them and their families.  And fortunately for them, they do have a number of options when it comes to successfully conceiving a girl.

Indeed; whatever the reason as to why a couple might choose to have a daughter as opposed to a son, today’s parents do have some real choice in the matter.  Granted, many people say that one has no way of determining the gender of one’s child at the point of conception.  Yet modern science has introduced a number of ways to accomplish what previously seemed to be impossible, or at least highly improbable.

First and foremost, any couple who is planning to conceive a child of either gender should be certain that they are prepared to do so—and in a variety of ways.  First and foremost, they should both be physically healthy enough to consider conceiving a child.  Both the husband and the wife must make sure that they exercise regularly and are eating healthy foods; the wife so that she is strong enough to thrive throughout the pregnancy and nourish her child in the womb, the husband so that he can contribute healthful semen to the conception and remain strong for his wife throughout the process.  And of course, both should see their doctor regularly before, during and after the pregnancy, to ensure that both mother and child are in optimum health.

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Beyond these basics, a number of theories and practices have been proven to successfully help couples along in their conception of a baby girl; not the least of which involves the use of the Lunar Birth Calendar.  Many couples have found success through the use of this popular calendar, in which a couple can determine the ideal month in which they could conceive.  By taking into consideration the age of the woman and the selected gender of the child she wishes to conceive, a couple can use this calendar to determine the ideal month to begin the pregnancy process.

A more high tech version of the Lunar Birth Calendar is available widely online; these calendars allow the mother to input the date of her last period and the length of her cycle, pulling out valuable info that will determine when she and her husband should attempt their conception.

Some people also swear by the timing of their lovemaking sessions in determining the sex of the child that they ultimately produce.  Some experts say that the couple should do the deed about three days before ovulation to accommodate female sperm, which tends to be slower in speed than its male counterpart (Now no jokes now Guys—female sperm is known to be larger and stronger in scope, plus the ladies just take the time to do it right!:).  And the male in particular is advised to avoid deep penetration in the quest to conceive a girl, as the acid level of a woman’s vagina tends to inhibit the entrance of male sperm.

And as much as the couple has to be mindful of when they attempt to conceive, they also take care to abstain from making love at certain other times – specifically, during the two day period that precedes their peak day of conception.

Of course, the mindset with which a couple approaches the process of conception is just as important as when and how they try to conceive.  They should remember, first and foremost, that not every method of conception will work every time, for every couple.  The conscientious couple might have to try any given method more than once, perhaps attempt an individualized take on a certain method, or try out several, very different methods before success is achieved.  And, before trying any sort of miracle drug or other substance that is advertised as a surefire guarantee of successful conception, please consult your doctor.

Above all, remember that each attempt to conceive is also a lovemaking session shared between husband and wife.  Do not come to regard your intimate time together as a lab experiment; or, for that matter, simply a mechanical means to a greater end.  The time that you share together always should amount to a positive and passionate experience; one that you share as devoted and enthused longtime lovers, not just as husband and wife or – potentially at least – Mommy and Daddy.

For more information on the important and timely topic of How to Conceive a Girl, click here and learn some valuable tips that are sure to help you along your way.  Best of luck in enhancing your family with the daughter of your dreams.


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