The First Time Mothers Complete Guide – What to eat, buy and get ready for

The birth of a woman’s first child marks a significant milestone in the life of any female; and while this occasion brings with it immeasurable joy, happiness and anticipation, it also is sure to deliver its share of anxiety, trepidation and outright fear.

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A newly pregnant woman is likely to have a million questions about the health of her and her baby, and about how her life will change – both during the course of her pregnancy and after the child is born.  And this is why each and every mother, regardless of her age, background, station in life or level of life experience, could likely benefit from consulting a First Time Mothers Complete Guide; a comprehensive guide that will inform the ‘debut mom’ as to what she should eat, what she should buy, and just how she should prepare in anticipation of the big event.

While each new mother or mother to be is an individual with very different needs, just about every woman can benefit from the general guidelines presented in this complete and comprehensive guide.  This is a friendly and accurate, warm and informative directive that she will want to keep by her side at all times during the childbearing process; and, once the experience of first time motherhood has passed, she will want to pass it along to her friends, her siblings, and eventually her daughters as they too enter the realm  of inaugural motherhood.

What to Eat

Some women tend to take radically diverse – and equally incorrect – approaches to the very delicate and vital process of eating during pregnancy.  Some give up their balanced, nutritious diets the moment they find out they are pregnant; giving in to urges for chocolate, ice cream, and all manner of fatty and calorie laden foods.  After all, they reason, they’re going to gain weight anyway during the course of their pregnancy; and doesn’t every expectant female get insane cravings for any and all varieties of comfort food?

Other ladies, in direct contrast, stick to a very sparse diet that may include no meats or proteins; thinking that the less they eat, the better it will be for them and their babies.

The truth is that the diet of a pregnant woman should closely resemble that of any woman who wishes to remain strong and healthy at all points during her life.  As guided by her physician, she should consume a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables, meats and dairy products (or, in the case of vegetarians, doctor approved substitutes for these items); along with any vitamins, supplements, etc., that the trained medical professionals who are guiding them through their pregnancies care to recommend.

Of course virtually no one sticks to their diet 100 percent of the time; and unless the woman has a prohibitive medical condition that forbids the eating of certain foods, she probably will indulge in a chocolate bar or a dish of ice cream once in a while throughout the course of her pregnancy.  What she never should indulge in, however, is any amount of alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, or illegal drugs.  These substances, when consumed in any amount, can cause harm to the mother and perhapsirreparable damage to her baby.  Read up on conditions such as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome to learn more about the dangers of substance use during the course of a pregnancy.

What to Buy

They key to being a good mother lies in the love and understanding she shows toward her children, as well as the superior example she sets for them in all her deeds and actions.  Her goodness is expressed best of all through the rules, lessons and guidelines she presents that, in all likelihood, will guide and inspire them throughout their lives.

The key to being a great mother, of course, lies in the stuff she buys!  OK, not really; but the fact is that babies need a lot of special care, as well as a full range of merchandise to facilitate that care.

So once a first time mom to be gets the maternity clothes, special foods and vitamins, medical products, and anything else she needs to carry her through her pregnancy, she needs to set about procuring those basic but essential items that will carry her child through his/her first months of life.

After all, infants need certain products to thrive and survive that are unique and special only to them.  They drink from baby bottles instead of cups, sleep in cribs as opposed to beds, sit in secured high chairs custom made for their safety instead of the comfy recliners that Mom and Dad enjoy, and wear baby clothes and diapers as opposed to the latest fashions in business and evening wear.:)

These are just some of the items that the mother to be must purchase well in advance of the child’s arrival; others could include blankets, booties, soft caps and hats (as babies’ heads tend to be very soft and sensitive), and a variety of toys to entertain the newborn.  Just be sure to pick playthings that are small enough for tiny hands to handle and large enough so that they do not present a choking hazard for the little one.  Squeeze toys and certain types of stuffed animals are solid options; always check product packages to read the age range for which the toy was intended, also heeding any warnings listed regarding the product and its uses.

Also be sure to purchase those decorative items that will make the little one feel happy and at home in their nursery.  These could range from kid friendly furniture (cribs, chairs, lamps, bureaus, etc.) in vibrant colors and patterns to miniatures and wall art and hangings that depict various kids’ characters.

When it comes to the design of a child’s room, the predominating colors tend to be pink for girls and blue for boys; if you are not yet certain of the gender of the child, or if you do not want to conform to typical and traditional gender stereotypes, then ivory, purple, red and green are nice neutral hues that also can be applied to the design of a child’s nursery.

What you should learn

In the months that precede and proceed your first pregnancy, make it your mission to learn as much as possible about the birth, rearing and raising of a child.  Get educated and make yourself an expert on the fine art of motherhood.

Kick off this process by asking friends and relatives (in most cases your own mom probably would make the best source) what they read, watched, and (in the case of Internet resources) surfed in order to get educated about the finer points of the maternal experience.  Be sure to lay your hands on the very best expert resources regarding motherhood, and pay careful heed to their dictates and suggestions.  As much as we as a society and culture emphasize education for children, parents need to keep informed as well.

Motherhood is a once in a lifetime experience; one that is sure to be enhanced by the introduction and use of the ultimate The First Time Mothers Complete Guide.

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