5 Foods Not to Give to Your Kids

Kids, who are twelve years old and below, are picky and very particular when it comes to food. They mostly love sweet, fatty and meaty foods. Before you spoil them with whatever they want, it is essential to know the nutrition they need. Parents are recommended to have a list of the yes and no of foods for kids. Here are the foods that you have to keep away from your children.

1. Potato Chips and French Fries

Most children love crunchy and crispy foods. How French fries, potato chips and other junk foods are packed is enough to entice them. They do taste good for the mouth of young kids, but they do not contain lots of nutrients essential for their body. These foods are usually made of fat and sodium, which are not beneficial to the health. In later time, your kids may end up obese or sickly.

Instead of the usual chips grabbed in local grocery stores, try baking potatoes and pop corns with less salt, caramel or cheese. They are similar to the taste of commercial junk foods, but much healthier. Yet, do not give them a lot of these every day. Just once or twice a week is recommended.

2. Doughnuts

You may think donuts are good alternative of burger and sandwich. Well, they taste better for kids, but donuts are deep fried in a large amount of oil before they are dried and sprinkled with lots of sugar. Does that still sound healthy? Just give your kids the regular cupcakes, muffins and cookies. They are good breakfast, snack and dessert.

3. Cereals

Some cereals for kids are made of much sugar. While cereals are generally healthy and recommended for kids, do not opt for the sugary ones. Be selective on the kind of cereals you give to your children. To make it a lot healthier, add their bowls with some slices of fruits, raisins, nuts and oats. That can complete the fiber and vitamins your kids need to grow and stay healthy.

4. Hotdogs and Chicken Nuggets

Processed foods are not only preserved for some time, but also mixed with ingredients that do not do any good to the health. For instance, chicken nuggets are compressed of fat, high fructose corn syrup and sodium. Only a few amount of chicken are used to make those. Some are even flavored to be chicken only. Hotdogs and sausages are other meat that kids mostly like, but you have to limit the intake of these because of the insufficient nutrients they contain.

If you serve a plate of dish with meat, just go for the fresh ones that are baked or grilled. Make a fillet of chicken strips or ground beef that form into burger. At least, you are the one preparing them and you do not put any artificial flavors aside from the usual condiments like salt and cheese. For a healthier result, add dices or chopped vegetables to the fillet or omelet. Kids won’t even know they are tasting vegetables.

5. Artificial Juice Drinks

Juice in packs that you grab in one of the shelves or fridge of your favorite local grocery store is not by all means healthy. First, the “fruit” labeled on it is actually artificial. The ingredients are not extracted from real, fresh fruits. It is much better that you blend a fruit or two (or more) and add a little sugar or a cup of milk and glasses.

These five foods are substitutions of the real food ingredients. Yet, they contain less nutritional value. That said, you have to keep them away from kids, and give them the right foods instead.


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