Healthy Habits for a Healthy Baby – Learn How Your 9 Months Habits Affect Your Baby for Life

In the moment you find out you’re expecting a baby, rest assured that your life will change; and in many ways for the better.  Surely your heart will fill with elation as you consider the rich possibilities of motherhood; you no doubt will envision the smiling face of your adorable new child, as well as the magnificent new shape and form your family is sure to take.

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It’s also likely, however, that your excited mind is beset with a good and sound dose of realistic concern.  You want to give your child a good head start in life in any way possible; and, as most people know, the key to giving your baby that golden opportunity to lead a happy and fruitful life always begins with a healthy pregnancy.

That is when it is time to Healthy Habits for a Healthy Baby – Learn How Your 9 Months Habits Affect Your Baby for Life.
The way that a child develops while still in the womb can be instrumental in regards to their growth and development; and while an expectant mother cannot foresee every possible obstacle, illness or genetic defect that might affect their child at birth, she can take certain precautions that—if properly and judiciously followed—can help their baby get on the road to a healthful existence.

Avoid all forms of alcohol, nicotine and cigarettes, as well as illegal drugs throughout the course of your pregnancy.  Of course you should avoid these unhealthy substances at all times; yet it is particularly important to abstain from unhealthy habits during the course of your pregnancy.  Every substance that you ingest into your body has the ability to impact your body and your pregnancy; and even a bit of research about conditions such as fetal alcohol syndrome will tell you exactly what can result from overindulgence—or, for that matter, any indulgence at all—in the wrong things.

Eat right :-  At times expectant mothers are tempted to let themselves go during their pregnancies; or, more specifically, to let their diets go.  They may be having strong cravings for all sorts of fatty, high calorie food; treats that they feel free to indulge in to sometimes excessive amounts.  Yet while it is probably fine to indulge in sweets and treats once in a while, most doctors agree that expectant moms should make a practice of eating wisely; to maintain the health, strength and well-being of the mother, and to promote the development of these same aspects in your ‘baby to be.’  While the consumption of fruits and vegetables is always a good idea for everyone, expectant or otherwise, every mom to be should consult with her doctor to determine the best and most nutritious diet to suit her needs.

Exercise—but carefully :-  Again, it is important that a mother to be build and maintain her overall level of strength and health; and, as everyone knows, exercise is an essential key to well-being, at any and all stages of life.  On the other hand, a woman who is nine months pregnant may not want to be running marathons in 90 degree heat, lifting heavy weights, doing cardio boxing, or engaging in a supercharged aerobics session.

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Modified exercise programs are available for pregnant women; shop around or check your local library for books, CDs and DVDs that describe, detail and demonstrate these programs.  Choose the one that appears to be the safest, most enjoyable and easiest for you as an individual; and before you take your first step—or, for that matter, do your first squat, deep knee bend or jumping jack—with this program, be sure to consult your physician.

Stay as calm and relaxed as possible :-  For while the nine months that leads up to the birth of a child can be equal parts stressful, exciting, unusual and unpredictable; with every laugh will come a tear, with every time of blissful promise will come an equal period of worry, tension and uncertainty.  And while it would be impossible to go through a pregnancy without also weathering some worry, stress and of course physical discomfort, the conscientious mother should do her best to stay as relaxed as possible—for the good of both her and her child.  Granted, in today’s busy world this is easier said than done; yet on the other hand, many people underestimate the value of simple daily destressors that can make a major difference in one’s life.  A nap, a walk, a shopping trip, a healthy treat, a day at the spa or the park; any of these basic activities can do much to relieve the stress of an expectant mother.

Try to maintain your daily schedule for as long as possible.  While the stereotypical conventional mother retires to her bedroom the moment she learns of her pregnancy and barrels into ye olde ice cream tin, this comical image bears absolutely no relationship to the modern mother; a woman who has a career, hobbies, organizational memberships, and volunteer/philanthropic interests.  Keeping up your normal daily schedule for as long as possible will enable you to keep up your strength—not to mention keep your mind off of any physical discomfort you may be having, or any concerns you may have about the future of you and your expanding family.

At the same time, don’t overdo it.  Don’t try to be Superwoman and take every available overtime shift, volunteer project, club activity, etc.  Know when to say no, and listen to your body for possible signs of stress and fatigue.  Don’t feel shame if you have to cut back on your schedule and take a break.

Budget your baby :-  A child, as everyone knows, brings great happiness and joy to his/her family; not to mention bills!  A baby has to be fed, clothed and cared for; and, of course, they will have to see a doctor on a regular basis.  Sit down with your mate before the child’s birth and rework your budget; being certain to include any and all things that your baby will need to get a healthy start to life.

Make sure that your mate is on board with birthing and raising a healthy baby.  Although only you can give birth to your baby, your spouse should be there to support you every step of the way—emotionally, psychologically and even financially.  It doesn’t necessarily take two to raise a healthful baby—but if more parents are present and involved, then their partnership can reap great rewards for their quickly expanding family.

Enjoy the experience of motherhood :-

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The happier and healthier a mother is, the happier and healthier her child is likely to be; so smile, laugh and have fun as much as possible.   Remember that motherhood is a very special and memorable experience.

As much as a mother would love to control all aspects of a child’s health, this is clearly impossible; yet she can take certain measures and precautions to better ensure the well-being of her child; and, for that matter, of all the future children that she will add to her family.  Learning good habits now will stand to benefit—not only your baby—but your family as a whole.  Adopt healthy habits for a healthy baby today—for a healthier tomorrow. Please Check out our Website to get more tips and useful suggestion.


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