When Babies and Pets Meet

You and your spouse have that furry, cute little dog for three years, five years, or probably more. You’ve been taking care of them as a member in the family. But in a few weeks or now, you have a child. How can you introduce your baby to your pet? How are you going to spend time for each of them? Would you be willing and eager to make a change on how you treat your dog as you need more time for your own baby?

There are two major things that must be addressed when you are expecting a child while you have pets with you. First is the relationship you have with your pet and with your baby. The other one is your baby’s health. It’s possible that your child may be allergic to a dog or cat’s fur, may catch a cold, or may be infected with something from your pets. You really have to be concerned with these two important things.

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It is an excellent idea to prepare your pet, whether it is a dog, cat, or bird, before your baby arrives. Remember that you are not doing this not only for your pet but also for you. You may have been too clingy or attached to your pet, and you still want that kind of relationship even when your first child is in the picture.

What you have to do is to start with the basics. You need to teach and train your pet regarding the dos and don’ts that involve your baby, and your relationship with them. This may require you to get a dummy, probably a doll, and pretend as if that’s your soon-to-be baby. See how your pet reacts with how you nurture and spend time with the baby doll. You try to leave that doll on a carpet or in the couch with the pet. Observe what your lovely animal can do with it. That way you have an idea of how they will be. A dog may either lick the face of the doll or try to sabotage it and play with it. It is also possible that they would just be still, and relax with the company of a new family member.

Basically, it won’t be easy to teach your child on how to deal with pets, unless they reach the toddler stage. But for 2 years and below, your full devotion and concentration should be toward your baby. You can only make yourself and your pets adjust for this kind of situation, not the baby.

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When it comes to your baby’s health, it should always be a priority. Of course, there are many factors to think about in regards to that. One of them is the presence of your pet. Be sure that your dog, cat, or any animal you have in the house, must be well taken care of. They must be daily bathed, groomed, and vaccinated. There may be also other things required, but as long as this is for your baby’s safety and protection, it must not be difficult to do.


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