Pregnancy Calculator – How to Use It and Know if It’s Accurate

Women are really excited when they are expecting a baby, most especially when it will be their first time to have a child. No feeling in the world can be compared to the excitement and thrill of having a baby. The problem is that you are not sure how long have you been pregnant and want it so much to find out, before you finally go pay a visit to the doctor. In a case like that, you have to try the pregnancy calculator.

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A pregnancy calculator is a tool to use to know how old your pregnancy is and when is the estimated due date or EDD. It is also used to know if one is pregnant or not. This is the considered an accurate and the easiest method in finding out your own pregnancy info. Before going in to have a doctor’s checkup, you can safely try the due date pregnancy calculator.

Women have different body cycles, but the regular cycle of menstruation is after 28 days. The pregnancy calculator is certainly effective to those who have regular menstrual period. Some ladies do not have a cycle of 28 days, but that does not mean they are not allowed or recommended to try using this calculator. So, how is this used and how are you sure it is accurate enough?

First of all, you must know and determine the usual schedule of when to have your menstrual period. Know the last date of your menstruation then count 14 days, as that indicates the beginning of pregnancy. This is true and effective, especially for women who have regular menstrual cycle.

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Secondly, simply use the calculator right away, which you can have online, unless you have a concrete tool. All you have to do is enter the first day of your last menstruation. Then add 280 days in the pregnancy calculator to know your own estimate due date. Another way is to enter the last day of your menstruation period in the pregnancy calculator and add 280 days. Either way, the result you need to know will be given once you finish entering.

It only takes a few seconds before you get the result you need. You just have to calculate your own menstruation period, which is really simple. However, this calculation needs to be confirmed by a doctor. This 280 days period works in the average women who have regular menstruation, but if your cycle is irregular, the more you are suggested to get a confirmation from an expert.

The bottom line is that, it is necessary that you know your last menstruation period to have the accurate EDD or period of pregnancy. This is an important factor that needs to be accurate to know what to look forward to. The more accurate it is the higher the accuracy of the result of your expected week to deliver a baby. The accuracy of the pregnant calculator basically depends upon the previous menstrual period of the concerned woman.

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This will be a great test and fun way of determining if how long you are carrying a baby in your womb, and if you have really the chance of being pregnant or not. Nevertheless, it is always safe to say that you undergo an ultrasound and let a doctor tells you the good news, or maybe the bad news. Besides, you must really confirm what your condition is. It will help yourself keep safe and know some restrictions of pregnancy. It is necessary to have the right kind of foods good for you and your baby. Generally, this enables you to determine the right and good things for the both of you.

Pregnancy calculators are not only conducted by expectant mothers at home. Doctors also do this kind of tool to attest the condition of their patients. That means you can have the option to just go directly to a doctor and have yourself checked. This can save you more time anyway, especially if you and your spouse have been trying to so hard to really have a baby. Seeking some medical assistance to confirm is the perfect way to do it, anyway.

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