Write Your Own Children Story for Your Baby

Mother knows what is best for her baby, and as far as reading is concerned, she can exactly give the right one. What else can you offer to your young child if you have the ability and time to make your own story?

I’ve been a mother of two young, beautiful children. My passion since I gave birth to my oldest son is to write a story just for them. I don’t say it is not a good idea to buy books for children. This should still be a better choice than giving them toys. But it would just be cool to hand your own children a great story that you proudly write. Here are some tips on how to start making your first one.

Know the Interest of Your Children

Generally, children have common interests, such as animals, sports and fairytales. You can start with those, especially if your children have special or particular interest in one of them. It is important that you know what your kids want. They may be fond of certain animals, like fish, more than the domestic ones, such as dogs or cats.

Personify Characters

Main characters of a story do not have to be humans. Children love imaginations and creativity, so you need to build an interesting character or characters that can catch their attention. For instance, you can make the lions as the character of a story. Instead of writing a store that tells the basic life of a lion, you can personify it to give a much better way of catching the attention of the readers, and in this case your kids.

Choose an Object that can Influence or Encourage Kids

You can also use non-talking objects and personify them. Some good examples are fruits and vegetables. It is a good way to tell your children that fruits and vegetables are friendly, good to the body and like kids, too. You may have a hard time feeding your kids some nutritious foods, but once they read a story in which the fruits and vegetables are the good guys, there is no difficulty for them to eat the next time.

Another good object to use as the main character is a toothbrush. You can write a story about how a toothbrush helps a kid whiten the teeth, remove plaques, kill bacteria in the mouth and give fresh breath. Make it an action story in which the toothbrush is like a superhero that fights bad guys, which are germs and bacteria. See, this is a good way for your kids to learn embrace things, especially their daily activities.

Add Good Elements

The story for kids must not just be a time killer. They need to have features that stuck onto the minds of your children. That said, it is better that you emphasize good and positive things, such as being kind to others, obedient to parents, loving and sharing to friends, etc. Children usually believe what they read, so it is just a great idea that you write a story about good things, which they can apply on their lives until they grow up to become fully mature.

Use Simple Words

The vocabulary of kids is usually limited. In writing a story for them, the best thing you can do is to use words that are simple and recognizable to them. That way you won’t have to explain it to them, but rather grasp the meaning on their own. It is also a good practice for their reading and comprehension skill.

It is fun to read your kids some bedtime story, but it is much better if the book you are handing to them is personally made by you. With the tips listed above, it won’t be that difficult for you to begin holding your pen and start writing.


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