Top Gifts for Christening

You are invited to be a godmother or a godfather to someone’s child. As a privilege that you cannot resist, it is going to be a wonderful occasion to attend to. And whether it is a tradition or not, as a second parent start what you can offer by giving a small gift.

Christening is one of the most wonderful moments to celebrate in the family. This is the time where the parents dedicate their child to the Lord and let Him grant blessings as he or she lives in the world. If you are invited to a christening or dedication event, you would positively want to buy simple but meaningful gift for the child. Here are the following best ideas or gifts for christening that would probably make the child happy and treasure.

Bible or Bible Story Book

Bible is a very good christening gift for a child, especially if the parents of the child are a true Christian. This will surely love by the parents. They can read some verses to the child until he or she is able to learn on his or her own, since this is a special book that is something to be treasured throughout the child’s life. A story book that contains Bible stories with colorful pictures is a great alternative. This is much easier for a young child to learn. Either choice, it is going to be a priceless gift.
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The Apostle Spoons

A set of apostle spoons is another great item to choose as a christening gift for a child. Actually, this kind of spoon was strictly used by noble and elite families during the ancient years, but today, it is commonly used as a present or gift for family gathering like christening. In fact, it is also given for other special occasions, such as wedding, anniversary, and birthdays.

Personalized Gifts

There are many useful ideas when it comes to personalized gifts for christening of a child. You have a choice there whether to buy customized handicrafts or do it on your own. If you prefer to make the gift by your bare hands, it would be a good experience. At the end of the day, you’ll feel more proud to give it, as you have invested time and effort for it. But if you do not have time or the creativity to do so, there are always lots of personalized gifts to choose from and buy at a local store. Whichever is best, you can give the child a personalized gift in a basket, money box or trinket box with some goodies included inside like chocolates, muffins, biscuits, cookies, etc. Remember, parents do love collecting some memorable things when it comes to their kids, and let them display in his or her room until the child grows. It’ll become a treasure for him or her from the godparent.

Silver and Gold Jewelry

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Necklace, bracelet, anklet, and earrings in gold or silver are also a fantastic gift to present to a dear child. Either in a set or a piece, a baby boy or girl would look cute with silver or gold jewelry hanging on his or her neck, arm or foot.

Kiddie Stuffs

Toys, clothes, shoes, sandals, head pieces and other accessories for children are common materials to present by a selected godparent. Because most of these items are useful and necessary, they are definitely a wonderful gift added on the top list. You can just put them all in a box and wrap it with some ribbon tied on it. Regardless, it will be certainly appreciated by the parents.

If it seems difficult to make a decision in regards to what to present to a godchild, always think of the items that are best for the boy or girl, and something the parents would truly appreciate. As the ones mentioned above, they are certainly ideal and wonderful gifts to get and give to the child. After you make your selection, be sure to wrap and present it in a very colorful or unique form, so the gesture of handing it can be enlisted as among the favorites of the parents, and they will someday relive that to the child when he or she can understand things better.

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