Things Parents Do Really Appreciate When a Baby is Born

A newborn baby calls for a celebration. Often times, family members, relatives, and friends pay a visit right in the hospital once the good news is given. Other times, parents plan a welcome party of their babies. Now, you are probably thinking of what is the best gift for the baby. Well, do not wonder on specific objects or items. There are other things that parents will thank you for. Those are usually overlooked and it is important that we still remember those things.

1. Being of Assistance

Born Baby

“Yeah, there is the husband who can help plan the party.” That is a common excuse of most people, but offering yourself even when they do not ask for it can make the new parents, especially the mother, grateful. Try to help do the laundry of the baby, give healthy foods, do the grocery, baby sit the other kids back at home, etc.

2. Nappies


One of the most commonly given items for a baby is diapers. It is not like the parents cannot afford them, but it can be daunting sometimes to buy. Babies do need changes, like 5 times in a day at least. To save them from going back to the grocery store the following day or within the same week, hand them packs that are consumable for extra days.

3. Ready to Eat Food

bowl of soup

A basket of fruits, a bowl of soup, bars of granola, a pack of Chinese food, etc. are also a nice way to congratulate the new mother and father. Just make sure to give something that is good for the baby because the mother breastfeeds them.

4. A Surprise Party

A Surprise Party

Why not be secretive for a few days and pretend that you don’t care for awhile? Then, the parents will just be surprised, in a good way, that all the times they think you forget have been a period of planning this party. You can be the mastermind of this plan and get help from other family members and friends. When they come home from the hospital, they will have nothing but a thankful and humble heart.

5. Presence

Do you know that being on the day the baby is born is enough for those parents? Even when you do not give anything or say anything, the action alone is going to make them feel so special and thankful to have people like you who have that kind of heart. If you cannot make it to the hospital or to their place due to work, distance, or other valid reasons, make a phone call or a live video chat.

It is not about how expensive the gift is that makes new parents appreciate the kindness and support of their friends and family. It is about how they think and feel toward the new baby. Remember that the thoughts always count, so give something more sentimental that the mother and father can be grateful for.

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