Summer Vacation with Your 3-Year Old

Spending some quality time with your 3-year old child outside home is surely exciting to think about. With this upcoming summer, you must start planning how to have wonderful moments with your baby. Here are tips that you must follow to ensure the fun and safety of you and your baby.

Where to Go

The first thing you have to think about is where to spend your summer vacation with your toddler. During summer, the best and most favorite place to hang out with children is the beach. You may have this thought first thing in mind, but you may consider other places where there is water. These include a pool park, lake and river.

You may opt for other location like a cabin in the woods if you prefer something that is quiet and serene. Another country where there are many spots to see would be a nice choice, too. Just choose a place where your 3-year old boy or girl can have fun. So, an amusement park and zoo must be among the places to visit if you are touring to a city or country.

What to Pack

After deciding where to go with your baby, it’s time to list down what you need to bring. With a toddler, expect that you have to carry a lot of things. They include your personal items and your child’s needs.

Clothes, with lots of extras, should be packed for your summer vacation. If you go to a beach or any kind of water, have your baby’s swimming clothes included. Since it’s summer, most clothes should be thin and breathable, or made from soft fabric. Just have a few sweatshirt or jacket that your baby can wear at night when it becomes a bit colder.

Other than clothes, baby products and items must not be forgotten to pack as well. These refer to milk bottles, milk, bibs, shoes, hats, sunglasses, and stroller. You may have to bring other baby things depending on the needs of your child.

Do not forget to bring a camera. There will be great moments to capture your baby. The smile of a child is a very beautiful thing to see for years through picture. And when he or she grows up, a moment like summer vacation is something that would make him or her appreciate from you even though chances are they won’t remember it.

What to be Aware of

There are safety measures a parent must know when bringing a child on a vacation during summer. When going to water like the beach, it is important that you apply sunscreen lotion that is made for baby on your child’s skin. Just like how you care for your own is the same you do with your baby.

Vaccination is also important, especially if you plan to have vacation outside your country. Your child must be checked by a doctor and get more tips from his or her pediatrician. This is for his or her own good.

When going to a different country, some documents of your baby may be required. These include passport, visa, and birth certificate, to confirm that you are a legit parent of your baby. You have to check what are the required documents to bring before you go to another place.

Lastly, you must not go alone with your baby. You have to spend vacation with the entire family. If your 3-year old is your first child, then the more you have to spend it all together with your spouse. The three of you must have a great time together wherever you go.


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