Risks and Complications of Pregnancy – How to be Cautious

A pregnant woman must see to it that she knows all the complications and risks of pregnancy. She, along with her husband, must be cautious and very careful to keep their unborn child from danger or diseases. After being conceived, she will experience some problems and discomfort. She must be fully aware of those, and must know the ways to eliminate or prevent them.

Pregnancy entails proper knowledge of the problems, risks and complications associated with it. At the early stage of pregnancy, the expectant mother cannot yet experience some complications. It is expected that a pregnant woman will undergo body change, especially at the belly. Regardless of the changes, she needs to be cautious on her condition, because it is risky and dangerous.

Nausea and Vomiting

One risk that is associated with pregnancy is nausea and vomiting. When a pregnant woman is at three months of conceiving, she starts to vomit as she feels some change in her body. With this condition, she has to be careful on what food to eat. Otherwise, the food can worsen her vomiting and have nausea. In fact, the smell of food can make her vomit, too. It is necessary that the food on her diet must be based on what she likes to eat, yet, healthy and appropriate for her pregnancy.


Back pain and other ache in some parts of the body are present when a woman is pregnant. She can have a soft massage in the area where the pain is felt. Applying some heating pads is also a good treatment. Just do not take any kind of medicine for this as it may not be good for the baby inside, unless there is prescribed by a doctor. Remember how it is necessary that she takes the advice of the doctor before taking any drugs.


A pregnant woman may also experience constipation, which is caused by the decrease in bowel movement. She needs to drink lots of alkaline water to get rid of this problem. Another great solution for this is to eat lots of fruits, especially banana, and vegetables. See to it that the food is rich in fiber and nutrients, which she and her baby need. Besides, the best diet for a pregnant woman is anything with complete nutrients and vitamins that will help the baby grow strong, healthy and fit. The fetus inside the expectant mother is formed and developed through the necessary nutrients, and these are from the food taken by the pregnant woman.


Dehydration is another risk during pregnancy of a woman. It is important that the mother must drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water to avoid getting dehydrated. It is also good to have some fresh fruit juices from time to time. This kind of beverage helps in the development of the bones and hair of the child.


One last common risk that a pregnant woman will experience is contraction. This is triggered by the different discomforts she feels, including back pain, dehydration, and constipation.

It is really important that a mother must know all these risks and complications so that she will know the proper care and treatment. If these health problems are not treated properly or dealt with the right way, they may cause severe or fatal danger to the unborn child, as well as to the condition of the mother. She must avoid doing anything that can make her feel stressed, worried and anxious, as these bad emotions or feelings can also cause risks and complications to her and to the baby. Instead, do some healthy actions that won’t cause any problem during pregnancy.


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