Rainbow Inspired Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Recently, two of my closest friends gave birth to their first babies. Before their due, they were planning and talking about names. They even asked me a list of names that they might consider. I cannot believe just how hard it was to suggest names. If it was difficult for me, how much more to them who had to select the right ones for their own children!

For sure, you are not decisive in regards to the selection of baby names. Some may be thinking of combining names of the parents, or grandparents, while others choose popular names from Hollywood celebrities. There is nothing wrong if you like your idol’s name to be adopted for your baby boy or girl. Yet, it is always a good idea to choose unique and uncommon names. Let me introduce you some beautiful names that are taken from the different rainbow colors.

The Shade of Red

One color of the rainbow that catches your eyes is red. This is a very beautiful and exciting color with a few meanings. It symbolizes energy and passion, which make it a great choice for a baby boy or girl’s name. The best names for newborn kids according to the red shade are Reed, Phoenix, Garnett, Roth, Edom, Harkin, Rowan, and Leroux.

The Blend of Orange and Yellow

A cheerful color is what best describes yellow and orange. Both are warm and happy shades that provide a good atmosphere. Through those meanings, there is no doubt to name your firstborn baby girl or boy. You can select Taji, Blain, Xanhe, Blain, or Flavia.

The Refreshing Green

Another beautiful color that is inspired by the rainbow in the sky is green. This one represents protection and comfort. You can name your baby girl Jade, Chloe, Verna, or Beryl, while a boy is Denver, Irvin, or Vardon.

The Coolness of Blue

When it comes to serenity, blue is the best choice of color. The rainbow has this shade as well, and if you are selecting colors from it, blue is something to consider for baby names. Do you remember the famous baby of Beyonce named Blu Ivy? Aside from Blu or Blue, you may choose Cyanea, Azure, Indigo, Teal, Aciano, and Sunil.

The Uniqueness of Purple

Purple is becoming a favorite color these days. So, why not name your baby boy or girl from the shade of purple? As it represents luxury and power, purple-based name is a great choice for first time parents to their babies. Among the names to select from are Mauve, Amethyst, Lilac, Iola, Violet, Ione, Iola, and Fiala.

All you have to do now is to pick which color from the rainbow and from there you can select a more specific name for your precious child. It is an exciting moment you can do together with your spouse as you wait for the baby’s arrival. Whatever you choose, the thought of holding your baby and calling him or her is still what triggers the heart.


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