Pregnant after Infertility? How to cope and What to do?

When the majority of young married couples start their new life together, they dream first and foremost of starting their own family; indeed, the desire to have a child is inherent in many people—especially those who are establishing their first home and wish to fill it with lots of adorable and promising children.

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This dream can quickly morph into a nightmare, however, if a couple on the brink of beginning their family encounters the tragic roadblock known as infertility; a condition that has many and varied causes and one terrible result—the inability to conceive a child.  The inability to make that prized addition to their family, thus morphing a happy couple into an ecstatic family unit.

As sad and unfortunate as this situation is for any family, it is not insurmountable or unsurpassable in modern times.  Couples can survive infertility, and in any number of ways.  They can adopt a child in need of a good home.  They can volunteer in their community to mentor children in need.  They can develop close and nurturing relationships with nieces, nephews, and younger cousins.  They can try infertility treatments and various natural methods of conception.

Eventually they may simply surrender the cause, resigning themselves to a fulfilling life as a happy and fulfilled couple.  Without a child, they figure, they will have more time for their careers, their other family members and numerous friends, their individual and commonly enjoyed hobbies, travel and creation excursions, and—of course—for each other.

They may stop to reflect on just how much money they will save by not having children, and how much more room and solitude they will have in their home without lots of little kiddies around. Soon they may settle in to a sedate shared life that seems custom made for a modern couple; one filled with happiness and contentment.

And then, with no notice or warning, the lady of the house has some unexpected news; the news that said house is soon to have another and quite unexpected addition.

That’s right, she’s having a baby!  And the couple, in all likelihood, may be having a massive coronary.  And they may indeed be asking themselves, “Pregnant after Infertility? How to cope and What to do?”

Once again they are faced with a major life adjustment and lifestyle shift.  They may have spent years planning for a child, then additional years adjusting to a perpetual state of childishness.  So what on earth do they do, now that a child is on the way?

The first thing they need to do is relax and celebrate.  After all, they are about to become parents; the dream they once considered lost and deferred has returned, in full and glorious form.  What was once thought impossible is now possible; surely this is a gift from a higher power, a blessing bestowed on this most fortunate and deserving couple.  Without a doubt, a miracle has happened.

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Now the second miracle will be figuring out just what to do next in this totally life-altering and totally unexpected situation.  So after one has sufficiently celebrated the first miracle, it is now time to turn your attention to the second.

What any expectant couple must do—especially if they have suffered previous problems and issues with infertility—is undergo a pair of comprehensive physical examinations that will ensure the strength and health of their overall physical condition.  And of course, the wife must establish a whole new diet, exercise and medicinal program that will help ensure a healthful pregnancy.

Secondly the couple must do their own, infinitely more personal check up; this one involving the state of their finances.  After all, in the wake of their prior and prolonged state of infertility they probably do not have a ‘baby budget’; and indeed, once they became accustomed to the idea of keeping and maintaining a two-person household, they may have allocated—or plan to allocate–the funds originally reserved for the child to other things.  They may have decided to buy a new car, take a luxurious trip, go back to school, etc.

It goes without saying that with this major change in life will come a considerable adjustment in one’s financial planning strategies.  Instead of thinking of acquiring a metaphorical crib—a pop culture term for a new house—one instead must consider the purchase of an actual crib.  Dad has to think about stocking up on formula, not Formula One racecars.  And instead of going back to school, Mom might find herself back at the school of hard knocks; contemplating all of those 3 a.m. feedings!

Indeed, now that their ultimate dream of parenthood has finally been fulfilled, the couple may have to put certain other dreams on hold, at least for a while; ah, but when they hold that precious child in their arms, they will find that all the sacrifice has been more than worth it.

Now it is time to consider other members of the family who also will feel the impact of this major life change.  If, for example, the couple’s ‘child to be’ will not be their first one, then they must consider the needs and feelings of any older kids they have—who just may have been getting accustomed to the idea of having their parents’ love and affection all to themselves.  The expectant couple needs to reassure their children that the ongoing flow of love and nurturance inherent in their family will only grow—and not abate or be restricted—by the birth of the new baby.

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In addition, it is important to consider the fact that—in lieu of a new baby—some infertile couples might choose to adopt one or more new pets in their place.  If these dogs, cats, birds, fish, etc., already have been adopted at the time the new pregnancy is discovered, then the couple must either continue to provide for the newly acquired animals, treating and loving them as part of the family, or adopt them out to a good home, where their continued care is well and assured.  In the whirlwind of excitement and concern that ensues in the wake of the pregnancy, they must make it a point not to neglect nor to abandon the newest members of their family—even if they do happen to be really hairy and have four legs or a rather noticeable beak.

Then, once the couple has given ample consideration to their coming child, the children they already may have, their relatives, and their pets, they need to take some time for themselves.  Couples time is very important during the early stages of any pregnancy; particularly an unexpected one.  This is the time in which you discuss the myriad of ways in which your life and home are about to change; also the time in which you cling to, savor and enjoy your last moments as a couple alone.

Yes, it’s true; your life is about to change forever, and in a way you didn’t expect; to put it more simply, you did not exactly expect to be expecting!  Yet if you approach the situation with a positive mindset, then your life is sure to be pregnant with possibilities—not to mention unmitigated joy. Make Sure to check out this website in order to get more tips and guidelines.


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