Non-Toxic Paint for Kids

Little boys and girls love to explore, be creative and get messy at the same time. There is no better way to see them all smiling and laughing with their own art than using paints! No matter how old they are, kids do like to paint. Even those small ones who cannot yet utter “Mama” and “Dada” are already fond of making art. As parents, you must not hinder them in doing so, but we do like our children to be safe at all times, even while they are just drawing or painting. With that said, use a non-toxic, handmade paint.

Here is something parents would like to hear. You can provide painting materials and tools for kids without going to the shop. Unless you run out, you do not need to go to a local grocery store. All you have to do is to look around your kitchen, because the ingredients to use in making non-toxic paints are commonly seen in cabinets and pantries in your house.

Do you kids drink Kool Aid juices? If you said yes, then that’s great! That’s what you basically need to make non-toxic paints. And yes, they are good color providers, since they come in many different flavors. To complete the list of ingredients, have water, flour, salt, and ready-made frostings like those Duncan Hines frosting creations. For the tools, you must have plastic bottles, preferably those that are squeezable, funnel, brush and canvas, or old white curtain, or white shirt.

You mix all ingredients to create a handmade and eco-friendly paint for your kids. Dissolve Kool Aid powder into water, then add flour and salt before you batter and stir until it becomes pasty, but ensure it is quite liquefied. Then the product must be moved into the plastic, squeezy bottle. What you have to keep in mind is to separate mixtures by colors. The red color must be placed in one bottle, and the yellow for another, and so forth and so on.

If you are wondering which flavor is suitable for a particular color, just concentrate on the Kool Aid packets and frosting creations. Obviously, lemon flavor in a juice is yellow, and orange flavor is for orange color. For other uncommon flavors, use the following: grapes flavor for purple or violet and cherry flavor for red. You can also use other brands of juice packets if you find them to make more colors, like pink, brown and green. Once you put them into bottles, cool them off in the fridge for an hour and then each is ready to use.

Kids will surely love to paint more if you use ingredients that are safe and refillable. You can even teach them how to mix or create handmade paints. When you give them time and freedom to paint, ensure that other necessary tools are ready. This means have them use brush and canvas to start creating their first art works. This is a good moment for kids to just be creative and stylish in their own ways.


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