Make Your Home a School for Your Toddlers

The home is where children learn their first words. It is the place where they are most comfortable to learn about everything from basic academic to behavior. As parents, it is one of your duties to teach them necessary things. You do not just expect them to start learning when they are in a formal school. It must be the home where they first learn basic things, like the following.


The very first thing a parent should teach to his or her kids is discipline. They must know the word “no” and when to stop doing such things that are not acceptable and inappropriate. This is important to teach to them while they are still young, so they wouldn’t be hard to discipline during the later ages. Being obedient and independent is what kids have to keep in mind as they grow.

Sleep Schedule

One specific way to control your kids is to tell them the right time to sleep. You must encourage early sleeping for toddlers, because they need adequate amount of sleep. This gives them the capacity to recharge, which eventually makes them happier, energetic and active. That is so much for the next whole day! Other than night sleep, you also motivate your children to take a nap, especially an hour or two after they have taken their lunch. This has been proven to help them grow physically.


Despite being parents, it is not just your responsibility to say this and that to them. Sometimes, you also have to provide them what they want and need, particularly when they request so, as long as they are not bad. There is a fine line between pushing what you prefer and insisting what kids want. You must know the difference between those, so you easily get the same respect you need from your children.

Basic School Stuff

An hour everyday is a good time to teach your kids some basic knowledge. They have to be prepared before you enroll them to a Day Care center or a Kindergarten school. Every child must learn how to sing the English Alphabet or ABC, determine the different shapes, name animals, identify colors, etc. That’s why parents are suggested to collect DVDs, CDs and books about those basic lessons for children from 0 to 4 years old. Also, include art materials like coloring pages, crayons and non-toxic paints.

Talent Discovery

It is also your responsibility to know what your child is capable of in terms of talent. Your boy probably likes to play with balls. Who knows he might be a good soccer or basketball player later. Your young girl may be into music, so expose her to different music videos. If she is into dancing, then get her watch some ballets of girls. Whatever they are interested in and good at, you must support them. At that very young age, it is the best time to help them develop those talents.

It takes diligence and patience when you teach a toddler. While you still have them full time at home, you need to have those traits. You want your kids to be the best when they grow up. So, begin while they are still young, and easy to learn and obey.

Remember that you must not be very strict when teaching them things. It should be a fun and exciting activity for them. Otherwise, they will have an impression that learning is not enjoyable. That will later become a problem if you put them into a school for formal studying. Besides, studying at home is how you motivate them for future learning in the real world.


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