Make a Cute, Customized Bib for Babies

Baby stuffs are incredibly cute, but they become more adorable if they are personalized. Customized products for babies include clothes, blankets, and bottles. If there’s a baby product that is easy to customize, it is the bib. Aside from bibs, burp cloths have the same function, which can provide assistance to parents in keeping their babies clean.

Your little bundle of joy would make a lot of mess while eating. It’s very cute and delightful to see a young boy or girl with stains around his or her mouth. Yet, as loving and caring parents, even the smallest things should be taken care of. In fact, your child drools and you do not want to change his or her clothes from time to time. Bib is definitely a small, tiny item, but has very important use to keep your child clean.

Personalized bibs usually come in various forms. There are embroidered baby bibs, which are the most common, and semi-customized baby bibs. If you are interested to make bibs for your own baby, pay attention to the details and tips below.

Embroidered Bibs and Burp Cloths

Nowadays, baby bibs and burp cloths are fashionable, while they continue to be functional and useful for both babies and parents. For something personalized, you can have embroidery kit and start making the first bib for your baby. This allows you to be creative, which is a good opportunity that lets you choose colors and design. It is not difficult to make embroidered bibs or burp cloths. It is also a very efficient baby item as it is made of absorbent, soft fabrics that are washable by machine and durable.

Semi-Personalized Bibs and Burp Cloths

If you cannot do any embroidered bib or burp cloths, but still prefer a customized one, you can just sew or monogram from a scratch. There are bibs and burp cloths, which are plain, that are available to buy in local stores. To make a personalized one, you just do stitches of the first name of your baby. You can also add other touches, such as flowers for a baby girl, or balls for a boy.

Other than personalized bibs and burp cloths with your own bare hands, there is a service in which you can avail. This is a good help for parents who might not have enough time to do customized baby products. You buy ready-made bibs or burp cloths and ask for monogrammed ones.

Do not underestimate the use of baby bibs, as well as burp cloths. They are designed to help babies free from stain or from making spots on their cute, lovely clothes. Parents need both these kinds of baby items. If you are a first time parent, it is surely one of the things you need to take care of your baby, and a must in all you do, wherever you are or go. So, whether you have a baby on the way or already have one, have two or more bibs and burp cloths with you.


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