Laundry and Baby Clothes – Stress-Free Tips for Moms

Ice cream, chocolate, soups, etc. can make the long list of stains on the clothes of your baby. While they are cute to watch when eating, babies make the most mess! You may tie a bib on your baby’s neck but still does not mean it can fully get rid of stain. There is actually no way you can avoid stain on a baby’s clothes. They like to grab and play anything. Even if you just for a few minutes, they all get stained that fast. Your only solution is to basically wash the clothes. Here are laundry tips regarding baby clothes.

Get It Off

As soon as stain is spilled on the clothes of your baby, even the tiniest smear, it is best to remove it off as quickly as possible. What about if you are outside your house? You still have to get the shirt or shorts off right away. You always bring extra clothes because you anticipate that to happen anyway. The essence of this is to keep your baby clean and free from germs. A hard stain is able to go through the clothes, which leaving spots on a baby’s skin. This can cause direct germs, which should be avoided.

Soak It Deep

After removing, the baby clothes must be soaked down in a wash basin with detergent. This makes it easy for you to clean it, even if you do laundry hours later. Some stains are hard to remove that can take you a long time before they disappear. You must find this helpful during your laundry job. There is no reason to ignore this particular tip as it benefits you at the end of the day.

Have Warm Water

It also helps a lot if you use water that has been boiled. Clothes soaked in hot water are much quicker to wash, as stains are easily removed. You need to ensure that water to use for baby clothes laundry is warm, including water for rinsing. This does not only assure the removal of deep stain and dirt particles, but also preserve the quality of the fabric making the clothes still useful for a longer time.

Use Eco-Friendly Laundry Soap

One other essential thing when doing the laundry is to use detergent that is environmentally friendly. There are commercial products for laundry that are safe to use. You can have one of them. It is also a very good idea if you opt for natural detergent to wash your baby’s clothes. In fact, you can just pour some vinegar on the clothes. This is an effective organic solution that removes stain and other particles on clothes.

Avoid a Stack of Clothes

The best way to prevent stress in relation to laundry is to not collect a pile of your baby’s clothes. There may still be other clothes in the closet but it does not mean you have to get stained and dirty ones after a week. If possible, wash clothes of your baby at least twice a week. It won’t take you 30 minutes or more to clean a few clothes, so this should be easy and less stressful.

As a mother, love, care and protection are the things you give to your baby 100%. In the case of washing your child’s clothes, those three things should be kept in mind. That’s why the recommended tips and suggestions about baby clothes laundry must be followed. It will really help you a lot in cleaning the personal apparels of your baby as you stay stress-free.


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