How to Pick Good Bedtime Stories for Kids

Not because most mothers do it that you must do the same. It has to be because you want to offer something educational and entertaining to your children, because you love them that make you go for the tradition of telling them stories before they head to sleep. You may have used to hearing or reading bedtime stories when you were younger and want to pass the same practice to your own kids or grandchildren. If so, you need to know how to choose good stories that they will enjoy. Here are some quick tips you must learn.

1. Age

Children Art Book For Kids

Books are written and published for intended ages. Some are more exclusive for infants and toddlers, while others are for older years like 6 years old and up. This is somewhat necessary because the choice of words and content must correspond to the age of the readers. You just identify the books that are for the age of your kid, and that’s how you can start choosing.

2. Synopsis

There is nothing more essential than the story itself. What is the book all about? Can you learn a good lesson out of it? Most children believe what they hear and read in a story. They need to read something that is more believable and realistic. Although it is alright to give them sci-fi and magical stories, choose books with topics that are more sensible.

3. Timeless

Many books have been published, either new or old. You can buy books that are written by modern day authors, but keep in mind of the classical stories ever published. There are great books that have been written years ago, probably older than your age or your grandmother’s age. Most of those books are well known due to their good contents, which you may not want your children to miss knowing or reading.

4. Length

As of these days, books can be in hard copies or digital prints. There is absolutely nothing wrong about soft copies or digital prints, but it is still better for a child to hold a real book and scan one page to another. Kids nowadays must not be only engaged in the use of advanced and technological inventions, but still offered with a more traditional setup. The more they will appreciate books if you give them hard copies.

5. Visual Effect

Boys and girls are fascinated to read stories if there are photos they see from the book. They are able to learn more regarding what the story is all about through the things they see. It is more exciting and entertaining to narrate them stories or let them read with some photos included. So, choose a book not only with a good content, but also with clear illustrations. To add that, the letters or words in the story must be readable enough. It means they should be clear and big in sizes.

These five points are the key secrets in finding a good bedtime story for your kids. As parents, or grandparents, you need to provide children stories that have essential meanings, but at the same time, fun to read.


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