How to Enjoy a Happy Pregnancy

When I first learned that I was pregnant, I had mixed-emotions inside of me.  Of course I was very happy.  But then I was also excited, nervous, hesitant, bemused, a little scared; I didn’t know what to expect and what I should do during the whole time that I’m pregnant.

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I know that it’s not going to be easy and I was feeling afraid because I also hear a lot of stories about miscarriages, difficult delivery, labor pains, inconveniences during the nine-month period, and other nerve-wracking experiences told by other women.  Needless to say, hearing about these stories didn’t comfort me at all.   But I wasn’t going to let myself be discouraged or alarmed by such negative stories.

I was determined to make the most out of the nine month period that I carry my child inside my womb.  I wasn’t going to let anything rob me of a happy experience during this miraculous time.  So, what did I do?  I focused on the positive things and these are what I would like to share with you all on this post.  Yes, you can do so much to enjoy your pregnancy despite the rough days, the pains, the funny smells and all the inconveniences.

Hopefully, this post will inspire and motivate all women out there who are experiencing pregnancy for the first time:

Focus on the positive stories:  It is unavoidable to hear negative stories about pregnancy.  Some people tell such stories to warn you and to make sure that you will not do the same mistakes.  However, that doesn’t mean you should internalize or meditate what you’ve heard to the point that it bothers you.  Instead, focus on the wonderful stories of mothers who happily delivered their children.

Appreciate the changes in your body:  A lot of women see themselves as becoming ugly because of all the physical changes they go through.  But accepting these changes and knowing that it is necessary for you to support that growing baby inside of you is the only way you can see yourself as beautiful.  In fact, you should feel the most beautiful during pregnancy because you are nurturing a God-given life inside of you.  Celebrate these awesome changes because the miracle of life is happening right inside you.

Have sufficient rest and sleep:

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It is crucial to have adequate sleep and relaxation during pregnancy.  While a lot of women do not have the luxury to just stay at home, try to work out a new arrangement if you have an 8-hour job.  Talk to your boss and discuss your concerns.  Try to ask if it’s possible for you to telecommute or do your tasks from home and be connected to your office online.  You might be able to enjoy extra days off by telecommuting especially during your second and third trimester.

Engage in an exercise routine:  It’s good to engage in a low-impact aerobics or a non-straining exercise routine that will help strengthen the muscles, improve flexibility, promote blood circulation, prevent muscle cramps and pains, and reduce stress.   Be sure to consult your doctor first prior to engaging in any form of exercise to make sure that it is suitable to your condition and would be safe for both you and your baby.

Practice breathing exercises:  Proper breathing is an essential practice to reduce stress or anxiety and to promote over-all wellness.  Deep breathing would be a huge help especially during the time of labor for quicker, easier, less-stressful delivery.

Try to find something to celebrate each day:  Pregnancy will not be a smooth ride all the way.  It’s true; you may suffer from morning sickness or night sickness, vomiting, and nausea. You may dislike a lot smells around you.  You may suddenly detest a lot of foods that you used to like to eat.  You may lose your appetite and lose some weight as well.

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However, you should be able to find at least one or more things to smile about each day.  Focus on this by writing it on your pregnancy journal.  You may even take photos if you like. Write down notes as to why you feel this thing to be a blessing.  Be thankful for each blessing.  You will surely feel a lot better each night before you go to sleep.

I created my own pregnancy journal where I wrote daily notes, where I kept our photos, prenatal prescriptions, photos of me and my big belly, ultrasound results, and other memorable events that happened during that period. I am so glad that I did that because now, I can look back at those treasured moments and sometimes, I can’t help but feel teary-eyed because of the joy inside of me.  It’s like me and my daughter’s own little scrapbook and I cannot wait but share this album with her when she’s old enough. Click Here and Get lots of tips and suggestion from pregnancy experts.


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