How to Conceive a Boy Diet – Plan to Have a Boy

Do you know that there is a “how to conceive a boy” diet ? Yes, there is a special diet that can help women conceive a baby boy. If you are longing to have a boy in your family, this is your chance to know some secrets.

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It is a cheap diet that won’t make you regret in the end. You probably want your first child to be a boy. It is possible also that you have two or three girls already and still want a baby boy. Whatever the case is, here are tips on how to conceive a boy.

The Difference between Male and Female Sperm

Sperms are classified into two: male sperm and female sperm. The male sperm is fragile and smaller but very swift to move or swim. That makes it vulnerable to damage in a short period of time. It won’t last long in the ovary of a woman which results to unsuccessful conception of a baby boy. The good news is that there is a solution to make it less susceptible to damage. That is through the balancing of acid and alkaline intake. That’s what this how to conceive a boy diet is all about.

The Alkaline and Acid

Alkaline and acid are absorbed from any foods that people eat. These are related tips on how to conceive a boy. Some foods have high contents of alkaline, and others are mostly producers of acidity.  In terms of a balanced intake, there must be more alkaline consumed than acid. A great amount of alkaline that is absorbed results to an excellent health and fitness. It is suggested to have at least 60% alkaline in the body. It is basically termed as the alkaline acid diet which also helps on how to conceive a boy naturally. Well, you can call it as how to conceive a boy diet too.

The Right Consumption of Healthy Foods

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When you are interested to follow this new regime, be sure to have the commitment. There is nothing wrong in taking this how to conceive a boy diet or acid alkaline diet. It is definitely safe, healthy, easy and simple. You won’t do anything but to cook and eat the recommended healthy foods. What are the foods that you need to eat that relates on how to conceive a boy naturally? The term is called alkaline forming foods and they can be in vegetables, fruits and other food groups. Some of the common ones to buy, cook and serve are briefly discussed below.

1. Green and Leafy Vegetables

Vegetables that are green in color and leafy are high in alkalinity. This is strongly suggested if you want to take the how to conceive a boy diet. You can name some like cabbages, lettuces, spinach, broccoli, artichoke, asparagus and string beans.

2. Bright Yellow and Orange Vegetables

The how to conceive a boy diet also encourages followers to eat vegetables that are bright. These refer to orange and yellow colors such as squash, cauliflower, corn and carrots. Tomatoes are also alkaline producing foods.

3. Citrus and Tropical Fruits

There are fruits that are also rich in alkaline. They can be taken as snacks, desserts or add-ons on your meals. Some of citrus fruits are oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruit. For tropical fruits, you can have watermelons, strawberries and bananas. Others are apples, avocadoes, apricots and figs.

4. Dairy Products and Meat

Believe it or not, there are meat foods that also contain alkaline. These have to be red meat but ensure they are well cooked. Sausages are also included on the list of how to conceive a boy diet. For dairy products, take low fat yogurt, milk and cheese.

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Obviously, vegetables and fruits are always considered to be as good foods to take no matter what the circumstance is. Due to the fact that they contain lots of vitamins and minerals, the consumption of fruits and vegetables with high alkaline is one of the tips on how to conceive a boy. If the alkaline residues are able to balance or improve the body’s pH level, there is a high chance to conceive a male fetus.

The Vitamins and Minerals to Take Daily

Let’s specify some nutrients that are helpful in having a baby boy. Folic acid is known to be really vital during pregnancy because it protects the baby and the mother from miscarriage. Other than that, there must be a regular intake of vitamins C, D, E, B12, calcium and iron. All these can help in forming a boy than a girl. Sodium and potassium also contribute in conceiving a baby boy. All these are other essential facts about how to conceive a boy diet.

You can be confident in having a baby boy the next time you want to be pregnant. That is if you follow these tips and ways on how to conceive a boy naturally. Since it’s all about having the right kinds of foods, it won’t be difficult to make your dream come true. Just have the positivity and great mood in following this how to conceive a boy diet.


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