How to Change Diapers for the New Parents

Congratulations for being parents, and welcome to the club, where every night is a baby day! That doesn’t mean to scare you or feel awful, because a newborn baby is a gift that makes any change-the-diaper or give-a-milk night worth it.

As new parents, one of the most basic things you have to learn is diaper changing. Not all parents are happy about this, especially fathers. But it is both of your responsibility to change your baby’s nappies from time to time. Unless you have a fully working nanny, you have no choice but to learn it. Here is a guide on how you can do that so there is no more whining when your little one starts crying and calling for a diaper change.

1. Have the Supplies Ready

Mother and Baby

When you change the diaper, there are a few things to use. You do not only get the diaper and change as if you are removing a shirt and replacing a cleaner one. It is essential that you also prepare warm water in a basin, baby wipes, a towel, as well as powder, ointment or petroleum jelly. You may also need to use fasteners if you use a cloth diaper. Of course, have a small pad for laying down your baby so he or she is comfortable.

2. Remove the Diaper

Obviously, you need to remove the diaper from your baby. If it is a cloth diaper, unfasten the fasteners one by one until it is loose. If it is a disposable diaper, simple unattach to remove it.

3. Wipe the Skin

Baby Diaper

Use the baby wipes to clean the skin of the bottom part of your baby. The recommended technique is to start from the front and then finish at the back. This is to help avoid spreading bacteria, which may lead to infections, most especially urinary tract infection. Make sure to check the buttocks and thighs also that you may need to wipe.

4. Rinse with Warm Water

Transfer your baby into a small basin with warm water and baby soap, but should not be too hot for a young age like that. Start cleansing it with the soapy, warm water. This is to assure all bacteria and germs are removed. Rinse it afterwards.

5. Dry the Skin

Remove your baby out of the basin as soon as you finishing cleaning and rinsing. Use the towel to keep him or her warm and dry.

6. Apply Powder or Ointment


Once dry, rub the buttocks and inside the thighs with ointment, petroleum jell, or powder, depending on what is best for your baby’s skin. These products are necessary to avoid skin rashes and allergic reaction, especially if you use a disposable diaper.

7. Put on the New Diaper

Whether you use a disposable or a cloth diaper, a clean, new one is recommended to put on your baby’s. You gently lift the legs and feet of your baby as you slide the diaper under. Attach the fasteners or adhesive strips securely. Be careful when fastening to not hurt your baby or attaching the tapes to avoid touching the skin.

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See, it sounds very simple and easy right? As soon as you accomplish the first attempt, you’d be used to doing it. It just takes practice and repetition. After a day or two, it won’t bother you at all.

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