How to Bathe Your Baby

It is a privilege to bath a newborn baby but not as easy as it looks. You have to understand a few things to make a baby safe and comfortable in bathing. You need to know how warm the water is, how high the level of the water is and others. If you are looking for some good tips, here are suggestions recommended by experts on how to bathe your offspring.

Materials for bathing are important to prepare first before anything else. These include a baby bath soap, a baby shampoo a mini bath tub, and a towel. When it comes to bath soaps and shampoo, be sure to use products that are gentle to the skin, scalp and eyes of your baby. Remember every baby’s skin is very sensitive and prone to allergies. It won’t be good if the soap or shampoo that you apply is a strong one. Fortunately, there are lots of shampoos and soaps for newborn babies that are recommended by most doctors.

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Put warm water in a small bath tub. The water that you prepare must be appropriate for your baby’s skin or feeling. It means that it must not be very hot or too cold. You can normally find out the right temperature through the use of a thermometer. Check the temperature of the water and it must be 37 degrees Celsius. Hot water does not only make a young child feel pain and discomfort, but can also get a second or third degree burn within a few, quick seconds. Another thing to keep in mind is to do not put your baby in the tub while the water is still running. He or she can be suffocated or drowned, and that is not good.

You hold your baby as you apply shampoo on the hair and soap on the skin. This is to avoid dropping or drowning your child. Either way, they are both accidents that no parent would encounter. Do not put soap or shampoo near the eyes as this can inflict pain. It is also dangerous if a baby’s eyes are exposed with the harsh of a bath product. Right after, rinse and cleanse to remove the soap and shampoo of their body.

Even if the water is warm, after bathing a baby would feel cold. As you take your child out in the water, make sure to keep them warm. You can simply just cover your baby with a towel or the one with hood and dry them.

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Once dry, apply baby powder, cream or lotion near the genital area and butt cheeks to avoid rashes when you put on a brand new, clean nappy. Continue to wrap your baby in a clean towel or blanket. If you want, hug them for about 10 minutes to stay warm. Of course, dress your baby with clothes (soft fabric).

A baby should be bathed at least two times a day – one in the morning and another in the afternoon. But never bathe your child in the evening, because it would be too cold.

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Bathing your own baby is very relaxing and fun. It is a special moment between a mother and her child. Just the way your baby smiles, closes their eyes, and probably laugh, too are priceless.

As you enjoy this time with your baby, bathing a newborn child needs intensive and proper care. That’s why the list of tips suggested here are important to keep in mind in order to make your baby feel comfortable and protected at the same time.

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