Healthy Reasons Why Married Couple Should Have Kids

The idea of a family is having a husband, a wife and at least one children, not a dog or any pet. However, some married couples may not biologically bear kids. That’s alright, but if you and your spouse do not have any problem with bearing children, planning your first kid should be one of your priorities.

Having kids is not just because couples have them, but because it makes your life much better. It can be costly and entail lots of responsibilities. That’s what life is about, to keep you occupied but there is joy in everything with kids. Achieving some things, especially small ones, like household chores, is easier to do as you can get help from your kids. But there is more to that, of course. Here are some healthy reasons why you need to have your own kids.

Give You Stress-Free Day

When you talk about kids, most people say they are noisy, loud, and sometimes, annoying. That can be true, but they are not always that way. Think of how sweet, loving and huggable they are. That alone can make you think they can be a great way to help relieve stress after all. Don’t you think you will be excited to go home and be welcomed with warm embraces and kisses from your children? Wouldn’t that make you feel good though you’re too tired all day long?

Help Do Chores

Kids at age 7 can actually help you with some house chores. They can start washing the dishes, watering plants in your backyard garden, mop the floor and even assist you with the washing of your car. Boys and girls love to explore and do new things. Other than letting them draw and be creative, invite them to join you bake some cookies. That way they grow up learning to do basic home tasks. By the time they become older, let’s say adolescent stage, it is easier to encourage them to do such things for the family.

Grab Grocery Items

It is also more convenient to shop at the local grocery store if you bring your kids with you. They are excited to get items, especially foods and drinks. Unless it is located out of their reach, children can be your assistant to grab anything you need back at home. This is also a small thing they can do, but very much helpful.

Separate You from the Junkies

Kids love ice cream, chocolates, chips, cookies and other sweet, fattening foods. While they can be selfish in terms of these foods, it is a great way for you to stay away from them (I mean the foods). This is a helpful way for to regulate your weight and not to consume fats or calories. Yet, learn to also strict their intake of such foods, since you want your kids to stay healthy, too.

Provide You Time to Exercise

Some kids just tell what they want and where they like to go. Because you do not want to disappoint them, and since it’s the weekends, which means a day off for all of you, you cannot just say no. That is an opportunity for you to go stretch your body and have fun at the park while holding their hands. This should be a great reason for you to avoid sitting on the couch watching TV or reading books the rest of the day. You can also schedule a weekend hiking with your kids, so all of you can experience the outdoors while trying to stay fit.

Make You Smile and Laugh

It is definitely fun to have kids around. You can wrestle, play pillow fight, and tickle with them. There are just so countless of good memories you can create with children. Every little thing you do with them can make you smile big time. Laughing together is another wonderful experience with little boys and girls. This should be enough for you as to why you need to have children soon.

Think of the positive things that children can do for you. Your spouse is surely one person that you have to spend the rest of your life with, but with kids, it’s another story and has its own advantage. It will be a good picture if there are cute, adorable kids to add to your family.


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