Halloween Ideas for 3 to 5 Year Old Kids

It may still be a few months before October 31st hits the calendar, but planning a Halloween party for younger kids in advance is not a bad idea. From the costumes to the foods, you need to really know the best ideas of how you can pull a inexpensive, family-friendly, fun and stress-free party for your children.

This theme for a party makes it easy to know the kinds of things you have to prepare. Spookiness and messiness are the only keys to pull off a great, interesting event for kids.

Make it a Family Gathering

Traditionally, Halloween is about kids, but this does not mean you won’t have to join the party. To make it more interesting, invite your family members and close friends, especially those with kids who have the same age as your children, to celebrate with you. This also gives you a reason to get help from people whom you invited to help you prepare.

Customize the Invitations

This kind of party does not have to be lavish and expensive. So, with the invitation cards, you just simply get cheap paper materials and pen that you can use in creating. Besides, the invitation to send out does not have to be clean and beautiful. How it is decorated should be ugly and messy.

There are three creative ideas that you can choose from. One is to make pumpkin designed and shaped invitations. It is simpler to do this if you just get an orange colored paper and cut pieces into pumpkin shapes. Make holes to create eyes and creepy teeth, while the details of the party are written on the second page.

You may also opt for simple black and white invitation. Just draw skulls and pumpkins, and that’s it! It is better if you let your kids, who are already able to draw, to do the designs.

A coffin shaped invitation is also a great idea. This can give people a little, fun creeps!

Decorate the Room

Just celebrate within your house. No need to rent a space from a restaurant or any commercial establishment. You only have to decorate the house, especially the specific room where you would want the celebration to be held. The common decorations for Halloween are webs, which can be cotton in gray color, pumpkins (whether the real or fake ones), drawings of ghosts and fake skeletons.

Remember that most of the attendees are kids. That means you do not try to display items that can be too scary for them. Also, if possible, avoid having colorful decorations. This is supposed to be about black, orange, purple and white.

Prepare Food

When you say Halloween to children, they mostly think about trick or treats. You do not want your 3-year old or 5-year old to knock from one door to another within your neighborhood by themselves. You have to make sure you are with them wherever they are, but this might not be very ideal to you. So, just prepare candies and chocolates to give out to each and every child who attends the party.

Since this is a celebration of adults, and probably some teens also, it is important to prepare a little snack or dish. You can bake some goodies in spooky shapes, such as skeletons, pumpkins, bats and witches. Bloody pizza is also a good treat for both kids and grown-ups. For the drinks, you can serve a very red strawberry juice.

Conduct Games and Other Activities

Make this party a lot more fun by having some activities. Games for kids that are related to the event would be a nice way to complete it. These should not be racing or relay, because young kids must be protected. To avoid injury and harm, just choose friendly games, such as funny and scary faces. It would be awesome to give awards for the best costume and scariest costume, too.

There is nothing wrong if you make this kind of party a big deal for your children. They need to grow up with memories celebrating Halloween. Since it happens only once a year, it won’t be that difficult to do after all.


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