FDA Approved Baby Products Mothers Should Know

Mothers do everything to make sure their babies are protected and safe always. So, even from the smallest things, like the use of personal products, they want to have the safest items. When it comes to items that your newborn baby has to get contact with, FDA approved is a must. Let’s discuss how important this is before you start shopping items for your own baby.

What is FDA

FDA stands for Food and Drug Administration, also called as United States Food and Drug Administration or USFDA, is an agency that is responsible for “protecting and promoting public health” on products whether they are edible or not. It enforces and authorizes regulations, rules and procedures that businesses and manufacturers need to follow at all times. It is fortunate that baby products are under the cover of supervision of FDA.

What to Look for in Milk Bottles

One of the personal items for babies that FDA has to approve is the milk bottles. This item must be BPA free, wherein BPA stands for Bisphenol A, which is known to be hazardous to humans and pets. When you buy bottles for storing milk of your baby, ensure it has label that indicates it is approved by FDA and is free from BPA.

Other than the label, you must check the nipple of the bottle. This should be carefully checked because this is where the newborn puts his or her mouth to ingest milk. The milk bottle for babies is attached with either a silicone or latex nipple. The silicone nipple is mostly chosen by mothers as it does not retain odors or wear off. It is also easy to clean, comfortable to use and durable enough. Latex nipple is not bad, but when compared to silicone, it is quite not sturdy or easy to wash.

What to Check on Breast Pumps

Another common baby product that has to be FDA approved is the breast pumps. There are some mothers who use breast pumps when they feed their babies. For some reasons, women are not comfortable to directly breastfeed their newborn, but want to keep their milk as the food, so breast pumps become very useful. Others may not have enough time and still like to feed their babies with natural milk, so they use a breast pump. If you need to use one, ensure that it is also BPA free and certainly approved by FDA’s standards. Not all breast pumps are very safe to use, so always check the label, and look for one that is most recommended.

Both milk bottles and breast pumps are mostly needed by mothers for their little boys and girls. Whatever the circumstance or reason is, if you need one or two of these products, remember to see if they are safe to use. It is important that you check every detail of your baby products before buying them. This can assure the safety of your baby against harm, that may lead to allergic reactions, asthma and other conditions that mothers or parents fear.


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