Easy Ways to Have a Healthier 9 Months

Are you trying to get pregnant or already on the way? If yes, this article was written just for you.  Take a look at these easy ways on how you can have a healthier nine months:

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Educate yourself:  Are you excited, thrilled, confused, or a bit scared about what to expect during the period of pregnancy?  Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor about all your health concerns.  Read books about pregnancy and even parenting.  It’s best for you to be aware of the things that you may experience during and after your pregnancy rather than to keep yourself guessing.  It’s pointless to be scared about unrealistic things and to worry about imaginary situations.

Take some vitamins:  Taking additional vitamins and supplements is required for pregnant women to ensure that their baby would develop healthily while inside their womb.  The most important vitamin is the Folic Acid, a naturally occurring form of vitamin B which helps in preventing birth defects.  A pregnant woman needs about 400 micrograms of folic acid each day.

Calcium is another essential element during the 9-month period.  An expectant mother needs an increased intake of this particular vitamin for stronger bones and muscles, and a healthy heart.  For proper absorption, calcium needs to be taken along with vitamin D.

Vitamins and supplements are essential because when you’re pregnant, you need to double your efforts to strengthen your immune system and avoid infections or any kind of illness during the crucial nine months.  Keep in mind that you are not allowed to take over-the-counter medicine to relieve pains or sickness as these medications can have serious effects to your pregnancy.

In case you get colds, headaches, fever or sore throat during pregnancy, be sure to see your doctor right away so you can get the proper diagnosis.   Your doctor can prescribe the exact medication you need that would be safe for you and your baby.  Remember, never attempt to take in any kind of over-the-counter medicine without prescription.

Work out and stretch those muscles:  Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you should completely avoid all forms of exercise and physical activities.  On the contrary, regular exercise brings many benefits.  For instance, it improves and strengthens muscles; it helps boost your immune system; it helps to alleviate stress; and it helps you to have a relatively easier labor.  The right kind of exercise regimen even after pregnancy is valuable to become strong and to get back into shape faster.

Remember, choose an exercise regimen that is mild, easy to follow, not too strenuous and that suits your health condition.  Of course, pregnant women should exercise with care, making sure that there is sufficient ventilation, that they do not lift weights, that the surface is even, and that they are well-hydrated.

Have regular prenatal checkups: 

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See to it that you visit your obstetrician gynecologist regularly during the entire 9-month period.  Regular prenatal checkups are crucial to ensure that you and your baby will be in good health.  Furthermore, your doctor will be able to give you proper guidance and help you to be prepared for the day of the delivery.  Do not miss your scheduled visits to your doctor even if you’re feeling a bit lazy or too tired to get up.

Avoid smells and tastes that can trigger unpleasant feelings:  Many women become extra sensitive when they are pregnant especially during the first three to four months.  In fact, some women may even experience this sensitivity throughout the nine-month period.  Thus, you may find that certain smells and tastes can bring about unpleasant feelings such as nausea and vomiting.  The best way to deal with this condition is to avoid anything that can trigger unpleasant feelings.

Drink lots of water:  Expectant moms are prone to excessive sweating and may feel terribly hot most of the time.  Be sure to replenish your body with lots of water to keep yourself hydrated.  Stay in a well-ventilated room or home.  It also helps to wear light and comfortable clothing made out of cotton.

Avoid wearing heels: As your belly inflates and the baby becomes heavier, walking can become more difficult.  You do not want to put more strain on your legs and feet.  It’s best to steer clear from shoes with heels to avoid slips or accidents.

Watch your diet:  Pregnant women should closely work with their doctor or dietician to ensure that they will get proper nourishment from the food they eat.  In addition, it is very important to watch your weight particularly during the last trimester of your pregnancy.   Frequent cravings are common for expectant moms.  However, if you eat too much, you may exceed your ideal weight and normal delivery can become more difficult for you.  Your doctor would be able to recommend proper foods that you should eat to ensure that you and your baby will get all the necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrition.

Avoid smoking and alcohol:  Never drink any kind of beverage which has alcohol content if you are pregnant.  Avoid direct smoking as well as being exposed to second-hand smoke. Medical studies have shown that alcohol and smoke can cause physical and psychological defects, premature birth, miscarriages, mental retardation or even death.

Give yourself time to rest and relax:  See to it that you can enjoy adequate sleep and relaxation throughout the nine months.  If you are a full-time employee, you may consider telecommuting or working from home until you can take a leave off from work.

Think happy thoughts:  Pregnant women tend to be very emotional because of hormonal changes.  However, if you want to pass on positive emotions to that precious one inside your womb, make it a habit to think happy thoughts.  Embrace happiness and your child will surely have a bright, cheerful disposition.

Therefore, it would be better to avoid watching films or reading books that can bring about feelings of sadness or may trigger depression.  Instead, do different activities that you can enjoy by yourself, with your husband, with your family, and with your friends.  Find joy in the smallest of things.  Laugh a lot.  Smile.  Feel good about yourself,  nurture positive ideas and celebrate this wonderful phase in your life.

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