DIY Decors for the Nursery Room

Are you expecting a child in less than a month? Do you plan to remodel the room of your baby? Either of the two, the both of you are probably excited to have a new member in the family. And the first thing that makes you more stoked is to prepare his or her room. A nursery room is a must for your upcoming precious boy or girl.

Nursery rooms can be inspired by a variety of themes. With the theme, it is easier to work on the paint colors, wallpapers, and décors. While you can buy stuffs that you put in the room, gathering used or scrap materials and create décors is a much better idea. It is more personal, intimate and absolutely cheap! To help you realize how easy and really efficient this is, here are some DIY décors that you may want to make for your child.

Hanging Cut-Outs

You can draw or print photos of animals, flowers, balls, and English Alphabet letters. Whichever you prefer each and every picture must be posted on a cardboard. This way it is more useful to hand them on the ceiling. To avoid over-decorating, only hang picture cut outs on one part of the ceiling where the crib is located. When these objects are mounted up and moved by the air, your baby will be fascinated, making him or her smile and giggle. It really helps brighten the mood of your young family member.

Button Canvas

Do you have old shirts, shorts, skirts and trousers with buttons? The buttons of old clothes can be very useful in creating art that you may want to display on your baby’s room. With buttons glued on a cardboard or colored canvas, you can display flowers, butterflies and other basic objects. It will be a great, unique design that you can easily do in a short period of time. Well, as you wait for your baby to arrive, spend it with this fun handcraft activity.

Framed Baby Name

If you have an extra photo frame, your baby’s name can be emphasized in the room. Only consider making this if the gender of your child is already assured, and if you have chosen a particular first name. You can use any scrap material to create letters. They may be formed through small woods, dried leaves and flowers, etc. If you have more extra frames, you can make the complete name of your baby.


Cushions are basically pillows but they do not have to be the stuff used for sleeping. Instead of buying brand new ones, make DIY cushions that can be displayed on top of the cabinet in the room of your baby. What you only have to do is to get an old piece of fabric, from a shirt, a blanket, or even a curtain. Then form a circle, square or heart shape and sew the sides, but leave one side to be able to stuff in cuts or strips of fabrics before you finally stitch the last part. To make it look more beautiful, add lace on each side.

More DIY Decorating Ideas and Tips

You can certainly make any décors for the nursery room of your baby without having to spend some money or taking a lot of time. Many things that you can easily and quickly create are worth doing since they are exclusively for your baby.

Whatever you may have in mind to add on the list of DIY décors above, ensure that they are safe to be displayed in the room. They must not be reachable unless they are soft and large enough not to be swallowed by an infant.

Though it is much better to use old, used and scrap materials, buying other stuff that is cheap won’t be a bad idea. They may be the objects that complete the decorations needed to beautify the nursery room of your soon-to-have-and-hold baby.

Having a baby is never about a responsibility. It is a gift that must be enjoyed and appreciated. That also implies that once your baby arrives, you must take care of him or her. And one of the things to do that is to provide your child a beautiful and cozy room filled with creative DIY décors.


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