Different Ways to Tell Your Husband You are Pregnant

After having confirmed that you are pregnant through the pregnancy test in the bathroom, you go out screaming and telling your husband about it while he is watching his favorite sports show on TV. Don’t do that just yet! I know you’ll be surely very excited to tell the good news to him, but hold it for awhile. Because this is not just good news but an excellent surprise, it is better to make him jump for you, drop his jaw and become speechless. Here are great ideas on how to pull that off.

Ask Him Out on a Dinner Date

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Do not make it very usual to set a date with your husband. Try pretending as if you miss the romance you would normally have while you were not still married. This way he won’t suspect that you have a surprise for him. Yet, you can spill the twist once you are in the restaurant, when he will find out that you made it more special by ordering expensive foods and a classic bottle of champagne. It will surely make him very happy!

Prepare a Homemade Dinner for Babies

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You may just like to have the sweetest dinner at home. That way you are more comfortable and loose to celebrate after you tell him the big surprise. Instead of your usual beef steak and broccoli, prepare a dinner that is more for newborn babies. This recipe includes ingredients like carrots, corn, and peas. Also, use mini fork and plastic knife. To make it more interesting, place him a bib around his neck. He would surely laugh, and at the back of his mind, he may know what you prepare for him. Still, he’s going to feel surprised and happy for sure.

Let Him Play a Scavenger Hunt

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It will be very thrilling for your husband to have a little game for your baby surprise. Leaving some clues, first start right on the desk where he usually place his keys, and that clue will lead him to the next clue, until he’s beginning to enjoy it. He will certainly think you are up for some steamy night with him. This is a great way to surprise him about your first baby boy or girl. Don’t worry, as he won’t be disappointed for sure, because there is no better feeling than to be a proud parent.

Wrap It as a Present

Another unique way to tell your loving husband that you are pregnant is to use a gift. Truly, a child is a blessing, so why not wrap the good news. You put baby products like milk bottle, bibs and toys. You may even just wrap a note that says like “You can hold your gift after 9 months”. The words “9 months” are certainly the key that he’ll find out what you are trying to tell him.

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Wrap a box and put a piece of paper in it that says something like “You will get your present 10 months from now!” and hand it to your husband. Tell him to open the present and he should know what to expect.

These ideas can make the simple phrase, “Honey, I’m pregnant!” more interesting. You need to see his reaction by pulling some stunts like that. You can just lie and pretend a little, but it’s never been a bad thing to do. Besides, you want him, and yourself too, to add to your greatest memories this moment of telling your first baby. Your husband deserves to know, but not in a traditional way, so try to be creative like what is suggested above.

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