Diet for Pregnancy – What to Eat ?

Who among the women you know, perhaps including yourself, have gained more weight than losing when they are pregnant? Have you seen a pregnant woman who loses weight?

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I’m pretty sure you just nod your head from left to right which indicates a “no” answer to the questions. There’s nothing wrong about gaining extra pounds during pregnancy because that’s understandable. You only get to worry about losing weight after the baby is born. What’s important is that you are able to provide food to your baby while still in the womb. If you want to maintain your good figure and stay healthy during pregnancy, the kind of diet to take is what matters the most.

It is actually hard to follow a certain diet when a woman is pregnant because at often times she gets hungry. If you have been pregnant yourself, you sure do remember the times you would sneak out to get something to eat after several minutes of having your dinner. Eating even at midnight or any time of the day, or at many times as you want is not bad. What makes it bad is when you eat unhealthy foods. Basically, pregnant women have to eat foods that contain rich vitamins and minerals as babies need lots nutrients so when they are born they become normal and healthy.

Calories Level

If a woman is pregnant it is important to raise her calorie level for about 300 calories every day. This will help you avoid lower calories which are caused by morning sickness.

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However, a pregnant woman must take lots of healthy foods that are not different to the foods a normal person is consuming.

Vitamins and Supplements

Once you are pregnant, there is a need to take healthy vitamins and supplements which are typically suggested by doctors. One way to obtain pregnancy diet is through supplements or vitamins. This has to be considered based on the advice of a doctor. Following daily nutritional foods that a pregnant woman should eat is very critical. This solution provides the nutrients needed by a mother who is carrying a child in her womb. Nevertheless, pregnant women should take vitamins A and C as well as minerals such as calcium, folic acid and iron.

Daily Servings

It is suggested to consume food with nutritional balance. Some of the ideal daily servings that most doctors recommend for pregnant woman to consume are the following: 4 to 5 dairy products, 5 to 10 bread and whole grains, 3 for proteins, and 6 to 10 vegetables and fruits. All foods that are not included in the daily serving do not mean you have to stay away from them. It only requires a few serving but still needed to consume on a regular basis.

Foods to Avoid

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Pregnant women should be aware of the foods they won’t consume or eat for less. Raw meat or eggs, fish with mercury, caffeine, and unpasteurized cheese are some of the foods to avoid. Even bad habits like the drinking of alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and taking illegal drugs are prohibited. They are not good for the health of your baby as well as for your own health. As much as possible consume healthy foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Those are important to your health and to your baby.

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