Choose Your Baby’s Name Inspired from These 6 Factors

The precious bump is surely a daily inspiration to you. It may take you more weeks before he or she can be held in your arms. While you are most looking forward to it, have you chosen a baby name yet? Wouldn’t be great if you call your first baby boy after a famous football player or your girl’s name from a very popular Hollywood actress? If you do not have yet any idea, here are 6 things where you can make a good choice of a name for your baby.

1. Maps or Atlas

Sydney, Geneva, Brooklyn and Bali are famous places in the world. As there are hundreds of countries, thousands of cities and a million of street names, there are many choices to select from for your baby’s name. Now, list down some of your favorite places you’ve been so far or want to go and you may call for your little one.

2. Movie or TV Show Character

Do you love to watch afternoon soap operas? What about the different sequels of Star Wars? Perhaps, you find some of the character names of movies or TV show to be unique. You may want to choose one of those names for your own child. I guess, you have to start collecting DVDs to see more of the latest movies and even the old films during the 90s or early 2000s.

3. Nature

If you can find places of the world to be a good choice of a baby name, the environment itself would be a great factor for picking more names! There are the different types of plants and flowers, fruits, animals, etc. Just make sure the name you are going to choose won’t be a start of making fun or jokes. What kind of parent would name his or her child after a monkey or an ape?

4. Fictional Character from a Book

Troy, Triton, Achilles and Venus are just a few of the famous names from Greek mythology. Juliette, Agrippa, Berkeley, and Cassandra are from the plays and works of William Shakespeare. Aside from Mythology and Shakespearean plays, there are countless books in which you can get more ideas for what you can call to your baby. Latest famous character names are from Twilight and Harry Potter.

5. Baby Name Books

If you like cute and beautiful names, the most ideal way to get a long list of girls and boys’ names is a book intended for baby names. This kind of book is exclusively for parents who are looking for the perfect one. This may be your best help, too. So, start scanning one page to another and it won’t be that hard to find the name you have been looking for.

6. The Family Tree

Another inspiration where you can select a good name for your son or daughter is the family tree. Take a look of your ancestry list from your side and your spouse’s family line. It is possible to name your boy after a great grandfather of yours, or if the baby is a girl, from your mother’s aunt. Some classic names have not been that famous now but still unique for you personally.

Now that you know where to find choices of baby names, you are more excited for sure. Who wouldn’t be happy and ecstatic to pick a name for your kid? It’s pretty an overwhelming joy to even just think about it! Well, keep yourself and your spouse feel excited as for the rest of your life you are going to call your baby that name.


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