Change Your Baby’s Diaper the Easiest Way

As a new parent, putting and changing diapers is one of the responsibilities expected. For some, it may cause them to forcedly wrinkle their faces. You probably anticipate to have that kind of moment as well. But trust me, you just have to get used to it.

Be Familiar with the Kit

Diaper is not the only thing you need to use for this particular task. You also have to make sure you grab other stuff. These include warm water, baby soap, and dry towel or washcloth or diaper wipes. Other than those, you also need to apply baby powder or diaper ointment to avoid, or treat, skin blemishes and rashes.

Since changing baby’s diaper is unpredictable, it is better that you put all these essential items in one bag so that you can just grab them whenever necessary. Also, wherever you go, this baby kit back should be always with you so you can always change diapers without letting your baby wait for a long time.

Clean Gently but Thoroughly

Before placing a new diaper, make sure your baby is clean and fresh. He or she needs to feel comfortable. That said, remove the diaper, and right after, wipe out smears starting from the front and then to the back. Do not try cleaning otherwise because bacteria from the area may transfer or spread that can cause urinary tract infection (UTI). After wiping, you wash the entire area using baby soap and rinse with warm water to ensure it is clean enough. Lastly, keep it dry and apply powder, petroleum jelly, ointment, or any skin care product for baby.

Use a Disposable or Cloth Diaper

Diapers nowadays are usually disposable, but there are still parents who opt for traditional diapers, the cloth or napkin diapers. Cloth diapers are more environmentally friendly and cheap, while disposable are flexible, yet pricier.

If you choose a disposable diaper, go back to the basic which is using the best brand. It must not be expensive, but also, at the same time, suits well to the type of skin of your baby. Otherwise, he or she gets skin rashes or allergies.

For cloth diapers, there is a variety to select from. They differ in sizes and shapes, but choosing the right one is narrowed down by the quality of the product, the comfort of your baby and your budget. You need fasteners for this kind of diaper, so be careful when pinning to avoid hurting your delicate child.

Wash Your Hands Before and After

One basic rule of changing the diaper of your baby is to make sure your hands are clean. Do not try washing the genital area and buttocks if you haven’t cleaned yourself. Your hands should be free from germs, as to not cause spreading of bacteria. Likewise, wash both of your hands before you start cleaning your baby and putting his or her new diaper.

To sum it all up, it is not actually difficult and gross to change baby’s diaper. It is a fun thing a parent can do, and to be honest, it is a privilege. So, feel honored to do so even if it takes you more than 10 times a day.


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