Breastfeeding Challenges for the New Mom

When I breastfed my first child, I would admit that it was not as easy as I expected.  There were a couple of discomforts that I had to deal with.  However, what made me push through breastfeeding is the thought that it is the best thing I can give my newborn.  Mothers would always want to give only the best to their children even if it means making some sacrifices.

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On this post, I will be talking about some of the challenges mothers might face during the lactation period.  While you might have to deal with inconveniences or pains, remember that you are not alone.  Other moms like you are going through the same struggles. The good news is, there are some things that you can do to ease the problem or avoid them.

Sore nipples:  Many first time moms complain of having sore nipples. True, it can be very painful as your infant sucks milk from your nipple but the pain should become more tolerant as your continue breastfeeding.  It’s a good idea to feed from not just one nipple but both breasts.  After feeding, gently rub your own milk to your nipples because a mother’s milk has a natural power to soothe and heal.

Wear a comfortable bra and avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes as this can irritate your nipples.  Do not apply lotions or skin products that may contain strong chemicals or ingredients.  Clean your nipples with a clean cotton, moistened with water after each breastfeeding session.

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Not enough milk :  This was one of my biggest concerns when I was breastfeeding. I didn’t have enough milk during the first month and I was worried that I won’t be able to feed my baby.  However,  my pediatrician/obstetrician gynecologist advised me to just keep breastfeeding because constant sucking should stimulate milk production. She also recommended that I consume soups made from vegetables and natural ingredients.  These suggestions actually worked and my milk supply increased.

Oversupply of milk : While other moms are having a problem because of not having enough milk, some mothers might complain that their breasts produce too much milk.  It can be very uncomfortable if your breasts are overly filled with milk. Your breasts would feel very heavy and might contribute to your stress. You might even come down with a little fever due to the discomfort.  What can you do?  Using your hand, you can gently squeeze out excess milk from each breast if it feels unbearably full.  It would also help to apply cold compress to ease the swelling.

Plugged duct : There are instances when your milk ducts might become plugged or blocked and later inflamed. This can be painful and you might feel inclined to stop breastfeeding.  But instead of skipping, you should breastfeed more often to loosen up the lumps and promote milk flow.  Apply warm compress to soften the lumps and promote the flow.  Another important step is to make sure that you’re having enough rest to reduce the pain and discomfort.

Mastitis :  What can you if one or both of your breasts become inflamed?  I recommended that you see a doctor right away especially if you feel feverish; if there’s a yellowish discharge or blood in the milk; or if the areola has looks inflamed.  You’ll need to get a proper diagnosis and prescription to avoid complications and to make sure that you can continue breastfeeding safely.

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Inverted nipples : There are women who have nipples that are turned inward.  Others might have a flat-shaped nipple.  Does this mean you cannot breastfeed if your nipples are not protruding?  Not at all! It can be difficult to breastfeed at first if the nipples are inverted or flat-shaped but as your baby sucks more on the nipple, it should protrude over time.

Yes, despite some challenges, the most important thing for a mother to do is to continue breastfeeding.  Think about the benefits that breastfeeding can do for your child.  Furthermore, don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor about your concerns or if you are experiencing any kind of discomfort.  There should be some things that you can do to make your breastfeeding experience enjoyable.  I personally can attest to this fact because I can proudly say that I have breastfed until my child reached his second year and I am so happy that I did. Just Visit this website and learn tips and suggestion about breastfeeding your baby.


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