Birth Photography – The Dos and Don’ts

How wonderful to capture the first cry, smile and yawn of your baby on his or her birth day! Hence, prepare a good camera to avoid missing any moments. Before you get too excited, you have to be aware of some things to make sure you get the best photos of your newborn child.

The Dos

1. Bring a Good Camera

It is recommended that you bring the best professional camera, but doesn’t have to be the most expensive one. Just the right device that provides fine, clear photo is what you need. Also, the lens must be a good one for close up shot. You do not need to take pictures of the newborn baby with the mother from a distance. Most of the time, every photograph has to be really up close and personal.

2. Assign a Photographer

If you have your own camera, it is a money-saving option. Just let someone do it aside from yourself or your spouse. You both are subjects of photographers, even though many of the shots should be given to the baby. Plus, a “selfie” picture is not always guaranteed to have a good result. It just makes it less formal, and probably not appropriate, as you want to hold the precious child with extra care.

3. Have Extra Memory Cards, Battery, and Charger

It is quite a risk to take photos of a baby who is just recently born. Most of the time the baby cries, and you want to have at least one beautiful photo of him or her smiling or sleeping. And when that time finally comes, the camera just starts to mess up, because the memory card is already full, or the battery is low. That’s why ensure to have extra of the accessories as not to miss any great moment.

4. Be Alert

If you assign someone to take photos, one important rule of a thumb is to stay alert. It is important that the photographer knows when to make clicks of the camera. Whatever the mood is, whether the baby is asleep or awake, the photographer has to remain watchful and prepared.

The Don’ts

1. Avoid Carrying Too Many Lens

An extra single lens is enough to bring, so do not try having all lenses that you, or the photographer, have in the bag. This is not a photoshoot for commercial or marketing purposes. It will just be a baggage that is not even necessary.

2. Don’t Allow Many Visitors

The delivery room and nursing room should be only with people who have the authorization and need to stay there. The first hours of labor and birth delivery must be only limited to the mother, the spouse, and other children if there is any, and the photographer. Other people within your family and friends circle must only pay some visits when all necessary photos are captured.

3. Don’t Miss a Family Picture

The birth of the baby is not just about him or her. It is actually about the entire family. This is celebrated, especially for a first time birth delivery, as an official day of starting a family.

Baby photos are keeps for a lifetime. They make great memories when the boy or girl becomes a teenager, an adult and even a grandparent, when he or she shows it to grandkids. Although that’s too far to think about, you know that each and every picture of your baby is something that makes you smile no matter what time of the day, and whatever the condition or situation is.


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