Bikes for Kids According to Ages

Every kid has the desire to ride a bike as they see it from other children. It may be also advertised on paper, displayed in stores, or, and they are fascinated about it. There is one thing about a bicycle that really catches the attention of kids.

To my dear fellow parents, a bike is a good toy that you can give to your children. This helps them exercise their muscles, boost their energy, stimulate mind, and produce better mood. Not to mention that riding a bike can contribute in developing their social skills, which helps improve confidence in a child.

In choosing a bike, it is very essential to consider some vital factors. Obviously, parents check for the price tag, durability, appearance and structure. They also make their kids select which bike is the one they like the most. One very important thing that you need to look for in a bike is the recommended age that is usually labeled on the product. If you do not have any familiarity with this matter, below is a list of bikes according to ages for kids.

For Ages 2 to 4 – Tricycles

TricyclesImage Source:nocklebeast

Also called trikes, tricycles are the best option of bikes for younger children between 2 to 4 years old. These are ages that are still dependent with parents. At 2, the child is already walking but balance is still not worked on. So are kids who are 3 to 4 in age. With this kind of bike, they can manuever and drive without falling as there are three wheels that keep them balanced.

Parents are advised to monitor their kids who are in this age bracket when riding their bikes. Whether they are inside or outside home like in the backyard, there should always be an adult supervision. It is not also recommended that you let kids of these ages to play their bikes in the street as there are people walking, dogs running, and vehicles being driven by.

One more thing is to gear them up with protections. A helmet is recommended, because even if this is a three-wheel bike, accidents happen. Do not forget the knee and elbow pads, too. It is better that you keep your child safe no matter what.

For Ages 5 to 6 – Training Wheels

Training WheelsImage Source:ktylerconk

This bike is a combination of tricycle and bicycle. It is called as training wheels because it includes wheels that are removable. A child of this age bracket can learn how to ride a bike until he or she masters balancing. By then he or she is able to balance, the training wheels should be removed. It is a good preparation for the real bicycle.

For Ages 7 to 9 – Single-Speed Bicycles

Single-Speed BicyclesImage Source:ubrayj02

The real bikes for kids are bought during this stage. It is a bicycle with 2 wheels only, one in front and another at the back. It is necessary to choose a single speed bike with brakes so your child won’t have difficulty stopping his or her bike. This is a safety feature that every bike for kids must have. Even if your kid is able to balance well, do not encourage him or her to drive in the driveway or street. It is still dangerous because of the different automobiles that are passing back and forth.

There is a lot of fun in riding a bicycle. This is something most kids do want to experience. The thrilling feeling when riding a bike is a great way for them to have pleasure and enjoy their childhood. While you allow this fun, remember the restrictions that you have to set to keep them safe.

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