Beat the 4 Biggest Pregnancy Stresses

Pregnant women often go through a lot of stress especially on the first and last quarter of their pregnancy.  Hormonal changes can bring about strange feelings and anxiety.  Is there a way to cope with stress more effectively?

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On this post, we tackle the four biggest stresses a woman may experience during the nine-month period. Read on the rest of the article to find out what you can do to beat stress:

Worries Caused By Unfounded Fears

Do you find yourself worrying about different things particularly during labor and child birth?  Are you stressed by the idea that you might feel unbearable pain or that you might not be able to tolerate the pangs of labor?  Do you often wonder whether you will have a normal delivery or if you might need to go through Caesarean delivery?

Regardless of what fears you may have, the best thing to do is to talk it out.  Speak to someone who can give you straight and accurate answers such as your Obstetrician Gynecologist.  You may realize that most of things you’re anxious about are without a real basis or just false notions.

It would also help to read books about pregnancy and childbirth.  And since you are about to become a mother soon, you may consider reading books about childcare as well.  Reading self-help books is a great way to become aware of what you can expect during pregnancy and after childbirth.  You may also ask your doctor for recommended titles.

Health Issues for Mom and Baby

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It is very important to have regular prenatal check-ups to ensure that both the mother and the infant inside her womb are in the best of health.  Pregnant moms must take in special vitamins and supplements to boost their immune system and avoid illnesses during pregnancy.  Never attempt to take in any kind of over-the-counter medicine without a prescription as it can have severe or even fatal effects to your baby.

Needless to say, proper diet is a major factor that you should not overlook.  It is absolutely necessary for you to know the kinds of food you should eat to be nourished, as well as food that you need to avoid.  Smoking and drinking alcohol are strictly forbidden in pregnant women.  Some women may find it difficult to give up their habit but medical studies prove that cigarettes and alcohol are substances which can definitely endanger the life of a child.  In fact, women who do not smoke should still be vigilant to protect their unborn baby from second-hand smoke as the effects can prove to be as risky or even more fatal than actual smoking.

Financial Stress

Matters related to finances can also bring about unnecessary stress to the mother-to-be.  If it has been an unplanned pregnancy, you might have concerns about how much delivery would cost as well as the expenses you will encounter once you’ve given birth to your child.  How would you handle the situation?

It is not good to carry all the weight on your shoulders.  Talk to your doctor and ask for the estimated costs of delivery so you can have a realistic view of the matter.  Once you have the actual figures at hand, speak the matter over with your husband.  Think of the most appropriate financial strategy for your situation.
If you are both employed, it is most likely that you can acquire loans from your companies.  See to it that you are well-aware of the benefits you can enjoy from your health insurance plan.  The government usually offer financial programs to assist low-income families so be sure to do some research and find out which programs you can qualify for.

Mood Swings and Lethargy

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Pregnant ladies may feel unpleasant feelings, morning or night sickness, unexplained tiredness, irritability and mood swings. This is completely understandable especially within the first three to four months of conception.  How can you deal with these emotional changes?  Is there anything you can do?

First, be sure to have sufficient time to relax.  Some women may not have the liberty to stay home or take a leave from work but having plenty of time for relaxation is crucial during pregnancy.  If you do need to work, see to it that you are not over-burdened.  Ask your boss if it’s possible for you to work from the comforts of your home or telecommute during this phase.  Make sure that you are able to enjoy enough sleep and breaks during your shift.
Do some yoga.  There is a certain type of yoga that does not involve strenuous exercises which makes it ideal during pregnancy.   Yoga is a wonderful form of exercise to promote good health, strengthen the body, fight stress and emotional instability, and prepare for child delivery.  Learn the different types of relaxation techniques through proper breathing exercises, stances and meditation.

Enjoy activities that make you relax and happy.  Find activities that you can do on your own as well as activities that you can share with your husband, friends, and other family members.  Spending time with the people you love is a great way to ease your worries and drive away the sadness.

When you are alone, talk to your baby.  Yes, even during the months of fertilization, that unborn infant inside your womb can hear your voice and feel your emotions.  If you love music, play musical instruments as often as you can.  If you are inclined to the arts, paint as much as you can.  Engage yourself in doing productive things that you love to do.  Indeed, this is the best time to start teaching your child and develop that special bond between the two of you.

Last but not the least, laugh a lot and find happiness even in the smallest of things.   Keep in mind that having a baby is a blessing.  You are soon to become a parent and that is truly a special privilege.  So whenever you feel down, think of that little baby inside your womb.  If you always have a positive point of view and a happy disposition, your child will also be a sunny child as well.

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