Baby Packing Tips for Moms

Are you planning a vacation soon with your infant or toddler? Do you need to take some days off with your family that includes a baby on board? Learning how and what to pack for your baby is definitely an important thing to think about. The good news is that we will learn just exactly what you need to have a stress-free packing and fun vacation all the way!

1. Use a Spacious Bag

Separate your bag with your baby’s bag. The luggage exclusively for the products and personal stuff of your baby must be large enough. You actually pack more items for your baby than your personal belongings. It is just much easier to grab things needed by your baby if he or she has a separate bag, and not of the items are mixed into yours.

2. Pack the Obvious and Basic Baby Stuff

All essentials for your baby are instinctive, right? You know that diapers, milk bottles, pacifiers, bibs and baby foods are necessary to carry everywhere. Make sure that you get extra, like two to three times more, so you won’t have any struggle changing whenever needed. It is best that you list down everything your baby needs on a daily basis to avoid forgetting them.

3. Fold Lots of Clothes

Baby uses clothes for more than two in a day. You try to make that three clothes in a day and multiply it with the days of your entire vacation. If in case you have to stay there for five days, the minimum number of baby clothes to pack is fifteen. That means you get extra more so you do not have to bother yourself washing clothes.

4. Store Medicines in a Plastic Bag

Vaccines and other forms of medication for babies may be needed when traveling, especially if the destination is located outside your country. Parents must be aware of this matter and the kinds of medicines to give to their baby. It is better that you get prescription and more health tips from a doctor before you buy or pack any medicines.

5. Bring a Baby Carrier

Visiting one tourist spot to another is more fun if you have a carrier. Unless you get a stroller, a carrier is much easier to pack and bring on a vacation. If your baby cannot yet walk, this is an item that is a must to include on the packing list.

6. Include Toys, Books, Music and Baby Blankets

Other things that your luggage must have are toys, boys, music player with kiddie songs and small blankets for babies. They are not as important as the usual baby stuff but these may just become handy. You do not want your little, precious child to get bored. Young kids do not yet decipher and recognize things while you are touring, but if you keep them busy with a small toy in hand, then you won’t have to worry about him or her crying the whole time.

7. Provide Food

Milk is not the only food you have to pack in the bad. Some baby foods must be also considered. If your baby is already a toddler, then you have to get a lot of healthy snacks. Children do get hungry at any time.

8. Add Skin Care Products

Regardless of where you will spend your vacation, hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, baby wipes, tissues, sunscreen, soaps and shampoos are essential as well. They help protect your baby from any discomfort, rashes and irritation on the skin. In addition, you pack hats, gloves, scarfs and coats for sun, rain and cold weather protection.

9. Get a Camera

This may not be a particular baby essential, but you do want to take photographs of your baby on a vacation. Those great memories will be cherished for many years. Someday, if your child turns into 10, 18 or older, then he or she has a glimpse of what you did during those days. Besides, it is such a privilege to view candid and adorable photos of a baby.

10. Prepare the Documents

If you are flying to a different country, a passport of your baby is definitely required. It may even need a visa, which you have to finalize beforehand. Other documents, like birth certificate, should be covered.

There are lots of things to pack when it comes to baby items. You do not just get clothes and milk bottles. Some simple things are essential and very important to bring, too. So, ensure that you keep a list of what to pack and bring to avoid forgetting something that may not be available on the destination you are going. Above all, do not pressure yourself during this process, but should excite you more as you have to spend some good and quality days with your family that includes your baby.


  1. I am having a baby this month and these tips will definitely help me prepare for traveling in the future with my baby. I hadn’t thought of packing so much extra clothing, toys, and food for longer trips so as to avoid doing laundry or having to go shopping while enjoying a vacation. thanks for sharing this information!


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