8 Ways to Protect Your Baby from Intruders or Kidnappers

The worst fear of every parent is losing their child because a stranger kidnaps them. No one would ever wish that to happen. But you cannot feel confident that your child is always safe. Babies and toddlers are very vulnerable. They can be easily taken because of their small size, and inability to defend themselves. However, there are different ways on how you can protect them from any possible harm. Here are different ways that can effectively keep them away from abductors.

1. Never Leave Your Kids Unattended

When you are at home, leaving your child for only a few seconds can make you feel very concerned. They may fall down from the bed, get bitten by an insect, or worse taken by a kidnapper. If this is true, then why would you care to leave them when you are outside your house? The number one rule for parents is to never leave kids behind or alone, even for only a second. There needs to be someone to look after them every time.

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2. Set Up a Baby Monitor in the Nursery Room

It is already common in many houses to have baby monitors installed. You need this so you can still supervise your baby at night. Choose a more sophisticated, innovative, and secured monitoring system. It must have a high quality camera with audio and sensors.

3. Install a Security System

In and outside your house should be packed with video cameras. This is another security system that can help protect not only your baby, but your entire family. The front door needs to have a security code, too, while the back door has double or triple locks that cannot be easily opened.

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4. Keep Windows and Doors Locked

At nights, all doors and windows must be locked. Your baby’s room has to be secured that way as well. In the morning, it is alright if windows are open to get some fresh air, but doors still need to be shut.

5. Do not Welcome a Stranger at Home

There may be times where you hear a knock on the door and it turned out that the person is someone you do not know. You do not want to let any stranger see what’s inside your house. Some real professional intruders find it very helpful to scout homes they plan to break. You must be careful with this, so another rule is to never allow them enter your house at anytime, unless they are authorities, such as the police.

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6. Hire a Baby Sitter You Can Trust

If you need a baby sitter as no one can attend to your baby during your office hours, it is crucial to be very careful in who to choose. You must ensure that she is eligible to look after your child. It is best that you hire from a trusted and respected agency for baby sitters. Another better idea is to have someone from your relatives or a daughter of one of your friends who can do the job. Whoever you hire must know the rules, dos, and don’ts of taking care of your little boy or girl.

7. Picture Your Baby Every Four Months

Having recent photos of your baby can become handy during emergency cases. While you surely do not wish it to happen, if someone abducts your baby, his or her picture can be very helpful. Police and concerned good Samaritans can have an identification of who to find for. It is also a great idea if you can focus on some birthmarks and other distinctive features of your child.

8. Get a DNA of Your Baby

Fingerprints and DNA are unique characteristics of every person. Just for emergency purposes, you should know these things. You need to have a copy of your baby’s DNA, blood type, fingerprint, and other details that may help identify if he or she is kidnapped.

Parents are the protectors of their own babies. It is the responsibility and obligation of mothers and fathers to keep them safe at all times, anywhere. So, ensure that you keep in mind these 8 things to avoid any harm that could happen to them.


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