8 Things to Know about Breast Pumps

Breastfeeding is very important because the needed nutrients of the baby are provided. The mother’s milk is able to make a baby grow healthily, full of antibodies, vitamins and minerals. However, there are instances wherein direct breastfeeding may not be recommended. That’s when you can refer to the use of a breast pump. That being said, there are 7 facts, which you need to know about breast pumps, and these are as follows.

1. A Breast Pump is a Portable Accessory

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A breast pump is basically a tool that draws or collects milk from the mother’s breast. For sure, it is an accessory, but the fact that it still uses natural milk, it indicates that the nutrients which a baby needs are provided. It is not certainly about replacing the natural milk of the mother. It is an indirect feeding of your baby, without the contact touch of the nipple of the mother. As regarded as an accessory, it allows a mom to bring and use it anywhere. That’s one of the advantages this pump has to offer to both the mother and her baby.

2. A Breast Pump is Easy to Use

Like its name suggests, a mother is able to use the breast pump with ease and convenience. You just connect the pump to your nipple and start pumping (yes literally!). You can collect for any amount from one full bottle to two bottles or more. In that case, you can get milk that enables you to set aside and just reheat whenever you need to feed your baby. This can be beneficial if you are not around for the next hours, like when you need to go to work, or stop by to a place for hours. In other words, breastfeeding your baby is not hindered at all, whether you are home or not.

3. A Breast Pump is Manually or Automatically Operated

Breast pumps come in various types, but generally they can be only categorized as manual and automatic pumps. The manual breast pump is simply operated by the hand. It is easy to use by squeezing the suction part of the pump to express milk and transfer into a container, which is usually included in the package. Most of the manual breast pumps has a single pump only, so that suggests you stimulate milk from one breast to the other.

The other type of breast pump is the automatic one. This is either operated by batteries or electricity. Both work just as manual breast pump, but it provides more convenience on your part. When using an automatic breast pump, just place the cup on the breast and switch the pump on to express milk. The usual minutes to extract milk using this pump are from 15 to 30 minutes. Somehow, this kind of pump is more preferred by many mothers, because they do not have to squeeze on their own. You can surely relax for a little bit while pumping.

4. A Breast Pump is a Set of Breastfeeding Tools

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Whether you use a manual or an automatic breast pump, it is a great way to feed your child with comfort. You can just do some pumping while he or she is asleep, so if he or she wakes up, the milk needed is ready. What you won’t have to worry about is that this pump has different features that do not require you to get other things. It has a soft breast cup for expressing milk, adjustable suction levels, a removable and reusable container, which you may also use as the bottle and just put a bottle’s nipple or teat.

5. A Breast Pump must be FDA Approved

The breast pump to use needs to be free from BPA or Bisphenl A, in order to keep your baby safe from hazardous chemicals. Some products for baby are not approved by Food and Drug Administration or FDA (sometimes referred to as USFDA). Remember this kind of product makes a direct contact with your baby, so use a pump that is absolutely safe.

6. A Breast Pump Comes in Many Sizes

Likewise, breast pumps are offered in different sizes. Some mothers or women have larger mammary gland, while others are fairly small. It is very essential for a mom to find the right size that fits her nipples. This makes it easier and more comfortable to pump milk.

7. A Breast Pump is Inexpensive

The good news about breast pumps is that they are sold in an affordable price. This is surely what makes a mom smile. You now have a reason to use this as an alternative way to feed your baby, if in case you are not convenient to have your child suck milk from your nipple.

8. A Breast Pump is for Mothers Who Cannot Directly Breastfeed Their Babies

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Breast pumps are actually invented for mothers who are not able to breastfeed their own babies, because of some valid reasons. These may include injury on the breast, soreness or engorged nipples. Another reason to use breast pump is when the baby is premature, which means the newborn may not yet able to suck on his or her own.

Using breast pump is not mainly disallowing your baby to be fed with your own milk. This is just an alternative means to breastfeed him or her. Whether the reason is circumstantial or just for convenience, breast pumps are absolutely helpful to any mother.

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