7 Safe Play Toys for Kids

The famous saying, “Mothers know best” is quite frankly true. Most mothers are instinctively correct when it comes to protecting their children. They make sure to give the very best and safe things as much as possible. In terms of playing toys, parents, not only mothers, have to regard the importance of safety.

Children must be given toys that are non-toxic. Some toys are manufactured out of chemicals that are harmful to the health. Small kids tend to lick their toys or put them in their mouth, and that is a direct transfer of such dangerous compounds.

Other than harmful or toxic chemicals found in toys, these items may be small that can be swallowed accidentally or intentionally. Little ones can always have that risk, so it is important for parents to see this matter as well.

Despite the many choices of toys available in stores these days, parents have to be wise and careful in selecting. They have to buy toys that are mostly safe to use and play by their children. To save you from thinking or searching, here are 7 toys that are not only very safe to use, but also enjoyable to play at any time, anywhere.

1. Hula Hoops

A hula hoop is a traditional, maybe also termed as “old school” toy that you can give to your children. While this is usually recommended for girls, hula hoops can be played by boys as well. It is a good toy to use for fun and exercise at the same time. That is because the player has to slightly dance by grinding the hips as the hoops twirls around the waist. This can be also played around the arm and neck. It may be difficult at first tries, and can be really frustrating, yet once your kid is able to control it well, then it is the start of fun. It is better that you learn it yourself first and apparently teach your children. Otherwise, it will be difficult to encourage them to play with it if not one of you do not know how to use it.

2. Knucklebones, Jacks or Jackstones

This toy has lots of names, including jax, chuckstones, hucklebones, five-stones jackrocks, and dibstones. It features six knobs and a ball. Playing this game is effortless and very easy. Kids just sit down on the floor, throw the ball up, and as it is in the air, take one knob and catch the ball right before it reaches the ground or floor. This has a series of throws and catches, and a winner is the player who first completes the series. This game can be played not only on the floor, but also on a table.

3. Checkers

Traditionally called as draughts, checkers is another game that is played on a table or on the floor. This one is played by two kids only. It is a board game that features the board designed in checkers with 24 pieces in two different colors (12 each player). Capture the opponent player’s piece one at a time by jumping over in a diagonal move with at least one square available. The player who first collects all pieces of his or her opponent wins.

4. Puzzles

A more interesting board game that your kids may like to play is a puzzle. This helps them think more just to complete the puzzle. As of these days, puzzles are in different sizes of various photos from cartoon characters to nature. When you buy one, see to it that the puzzle pieces are not too small to avoid swallowing them by accident.

5. Lego

A very popular game for many years that is similar to puzzle is Lego, in a way that you have to put all pieces together. Instead of a paper material, this toy is actually made of plastic bricks in various colors, sizes and designs. A player has to connect or assemble all pieces to form an object, which can vary, such as a person, a truck, a building, a home and a robot. Children can even build a community all made of assembled Lego pieces. This toy allows a kid to be creative as he or she can make anything out of those pieces.

6. Dominoes

A set of dominoes is also a board game, but this is more recommended for children who is at least 6 years old. Kids have to connect the domino pieces based on the same number of dots or spots until someone runs out of turn. With the pieces, boys and girls may also stand each piece next to another. When everything is set, they can touch the first piece in the line and enjoyable watch how each domino falls down.

7. Uno

For a card game, Uno is best suited for children of any age, as long as they can identify colors and numbers. This toy is a printed deck that features 108 cards in all. 25 of the cards are in different colors, namely red, blue, green, and yellow, with corresponding numbers or ranks (0-9), two of each kind except the number zero. Other cards are icons that refer to “Draw Two” (a player draws two cards from the face down cards), “Skip” (a player has to skip a move), “Reverse” (the next player of the opposite side has to move), “Wild” (the player who has that card can change the color to play, while the next player must get two cards from the face down cards) and “Wild Draw Four” (same function as Wild but the next player has to pick four cards). This card game is a fun family game to play at any time of the day.

With these toys or games, your kids won’t only have fun spending their spare time, but also learn how to be creative and strategic. They can help exercise the brain of children. Plus, they are all safe, so what else could be the excuse not to give them to your little ones?


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