6 Things You Must Do with Your Baby While Pregnant

Once you find out that you are pregnant, happy moments suddenly flash forward on your mind. You see yourself watching your cute baby asleep on his or her crib. You laugh at the stain and mess he or she makes while trying to eat food on his or her own. You bathe and change diapers but still priceless memories. There are just so many good things that a mother can witness and experience with her child. Yet, you know you still have several months before those things happen. What will you do with your baby when he or she is still inside your womb?

1. Talk to Your Baby

You probably do not remember your own mother talking to you when you were still in her belly. But you knew that she did that. Now, it is your time to do the same as you wait for your own child.

This is actually recommended by many doctors around the world. The voice of the mother is essential because it helps the baby familiarize it. This also explains why most babies are much closer to their mother once they are born. If you want your baby to be so close with you, better start talking to him or her while in the womb.

2. Touch Your Belly

As you talk to your baby, it is best to feel your stomach. A gentle touch of your bump is a simple way to make a connection with your baby. Lab tests show that even if your baby is in your womb they can actually feel and hear. That is why babies cling to their mother the second he or she comes out from the womb.

3. Eat Healthy Food

Eating fresh and healthy foods, like fruits and vegetables, a lot more often is a very important routine for a pregnant woman. You are not doing this just for yourself, but also for your unborn baby. Other than vegetables and fruits, fish can help and support the development of the brain and eyes of your baby.

You are probably given a list of foods that you need to eat and also beverages to drink. It is essential to follow that while you are pregnant for the normal health and growth of your child. Your doctor should prescribe you the long list of foods with their corresponding vitamins and minerals, as well as medications for pregnancy.

4. Exercise

There are a few exercises recommended for pregnant women, like you. This is another thing that you and your baby must do together. Inhaling and exhaling is one best exercise during pregnancy. This enables oxygen to enter into your body, giving air to your unborn child. Obviously, this kind of simple exercise gives benefits to the baby. Other exercises are helpful for much easier labor later.

5. Meditate and Keep Calm

Meditation is another best thing to do by a pregnant woman. This helps relax your body and calm your mind. Take note that stress and anxiety are not good for you and your unborn baby. If you meditate, it helps keep away anxiety and stress, as well as improves your immunity system.

6. Listen to Songs

A very effective stress reliever is music listening. Songs have a good impact to the mood and feeling of a person. You can listen to your favorite songs. This also helps your baby to feel calmer and more comfortable. According to some research and tests, when a pregnant woman listens to a music that soothes her ear, there is a process of brain development. It means the baby has the potential to become smarter.

9 months may be a long time, but it’s worth waiting for. While you still have several weeks or months to wait, do the six things recommended. These will benefit you and your baby in the long run. Sitting on the couch and watching TV for long hours every single day won’t do any good. You have to stretch sometimes and do something that you and your baby can enjoy. Starting today, include those things mentioned above on your daily routine until your precious child arrives.


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