6 Most Popular Names for Boys

Are you expecting a beautiful baby boy in the next few weeks? Have you thought of a name for him? If not, it is never too late to pick up some of the popular choices these days. Let me help you narrow down your choices by identifying these 6 cute names for your little one.

6. Aidan or Aiden

This boy’s name is not new anymore, but still among the popular ones to use nowadays. It comes from Irish word, which means “fiery”.

Others have tried to add a letter or change the spelling, yet with the same rhyme. For instance, some boys are named Jaden or Jayden. Others are Braiden or Brayden instead of Aidan. Well, at least you have an idea what to call your own child from this name.

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5. Jacob

Originally Hebrew, Jacob is also not a new name these modern days. It means “heel grabber” or “supplanter”. It has been used for many decades. In fact, it is one of the prominent Biblical names. It’s already been known since the ancient times where the story of brothers Jacob and Esau was told.

Parents may choose this name not because of religion. They can personally pick this word to name their baby boy due to other reasons.

4. William

Another very popular name for many years is William. This has been a favorite due to some of the influences by and popularity made for William Shakespeare, Prince Williams, and Willie Mays. It is a classic, formal, and royal-like name that you can call for your soon-to-hold baby boy.

3. Mason

This next name is French originated, which means “a stone worker or builder”. It is among the popular names since the 21st century. Although, this name is not a new name, as it has been used before, but not as famous as of today. So, while it is still a trend, perhaps, you can name your baby boy Mason.

2. Elijah

This name is also a Biblical name. It’s been first used worldwide when prophet Elijah in the Bible has known to men. It is actually a name with a holy meaning, which is “Lord is my God” in the Hebrew language. Christian parents may name their boy with this. Even those who do not practice any religion can still choose it because it just sounds cool.

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1. Ethan

In Hebrew, Ethan means “strong or firm”, which is another excellent name to choose for your son. One popular person who has this name is the American actor Ethan Hawke. It is a cool name for boys these days. Plus, the meaning behind it can give you confidence that your boy is going to grow up with high spirit and strong hopes.

Do you think you have a favorite of a boy’s name so far from this list? You can select two or three and combine those cool names for your son. Choosing a name can grow excitement to you personally as you wait for the arrival of your son.



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