5 Simple Plans to Throw an Enjoyable Baby Shower

Are you expecting a baby boy or girl in a few weeks? Do you feel more excited that your first baby is about to arrive soon? With this kind of joy, it seems like waiting is taking forever. You do not have any choice, but as you wait, start planning a baby shower party. Here are simple ways on how to throw an incredible, fun baby shower.

1. What is the Theme?

Part of planning a baby shower always includes the selection of a theme. It is easier to choose a baby shower theme if you already know the gender of your baby. Themes for a baby shower are usually based on the baby’s gender. When expecting a baby boy, it is more about sports, animals and male characters of a cartoon show. For a baby girl, the most obvious themes include flowers, lady bugs, butterflies and the color pink. In case the event takes place before you confirm the gender of your baby, there are other general themes available, such as black and white, pink and blue, or island and water theme.

2. When and Where is this Going to Happen?

There is nothing wrong if you decorate your entire house for the baby shower party. This is actually a much better idea as you get to cut down some of the expenses. The only problem would be if you wish to invite a large group of people your place may not be enough to accommodate them. For other reasons aside from having a limited space, choosing a location for the special occasion must be based on the theme and budget.

In selecting a day and time, you won’t have any difficulty. You just make sure that all of the guests to invite are available on the day. It is best to choose a day that is not a working day. Basically, a weekend or a holiday is a better choice of time to have a baby shower.

3. What Décors, Games and Entertainment to Have?

The ultimate key of having a great baby shower party is to provide the most fun games, exciting entertainment, and beautiful decorations. The theme you choose is definitely going to be evident on these things. So, ensure each and every décor is very essential and matches the theme you pick. This kind of party must be loud, fun but not extreme. You still are pregnant at this time, so it is better that you do not participate any running, racing or carrying games. It is better that you conduct or watch the games instead. Other entertainment includes music, speech, as well as gift giving and unwrapping.

4. Serve Foods and Beverages

This party is a gathering with your husband, family and friends. It is not like a wedding in which even extended families and co-workers are invited. Yet, you still have to prepare food and beverages for the attendees. Just have two or three menus, which must be all healthy and related to the theme. Also, do not serve champagne or ladies drink, since you are restricted from it, but if you may, you can just have some glasses for your guests. Of course, add some favors that each and every attendee can take home as “thank you” treat.

5. Invite People

The last thing to plan out for a baby shower event is the list of guests. This should not be a hassle, because you do not have to get hundreds of your relatives and friends. Just invite the people who are very close to you and to your spouse. The invitations to use must be related to the theme, and need to send out as early as possible. Make sure the necessary and important details of the party are written on the invitation card.

You can plan and set a baby shower party without getting too lavish. Just prepare the basics and everyone would have fun. This is to celebrate the fact that you are a mother and soon to hold your baby in your arms. Therefore, it has to be an exciting and unforgettable gathering for you, your spouse, and your guests.


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